summer fashion series day four - skinny jeans and flowing floral top


Yesterday we talked a bit about proportions when wearing a looser pair of jeans and the need to keep the top more fitted to avoid a boxy look.  Today's outfit is a perfect example of the opposite.  Tight skinny jeans and a loose flowing blouse.

skinny jeans and a loose flowing top

When I saw this pretty white and navy floral top at Loft I knew it was perfect for me.  The flowing fit
and feminine style is one of my husbands favorites and I knew it would be great for an evening out with him.

skinny jeans and floral top

I paired the top with my Loft cuffed skinny jeans, gold jewelry and tan wedge sandals (similar) from Kohls and my favorite cross body bag (similar) from Nordstrom.  You notice I didn't wear a necklace this time.  With the overall print on the blouse and the gathered bodice I felt a necklace would have just gotten lost.

loose floral top and skinny jeans

The little bit of lift in the wedge sandal helps to stretch my legs and give them a slimmer look.

cross body bag, skinny jeans and flowing top.

I think this blouse would look great with skinny white jeans and my navy wedge espadrilles as well. (Which means you'll probably be seeing that outfit someday soon.)

skinny jeans and floral blouse with wedge sandals.

Some of you have asked to see me style dress pants so I'm hoping to get some photos taken this weekend that I can share with you soon.  I'm also wearing a dress to a women's event at church on Saturday so I will be sure and have my new photographer snap a picture or two.

Did I tell you about my new photographer?  No, well let's just make this our encouragement of the day...

My husband has not always believed in this blogging gig I have going.  I wouldn't say he's been against it but just kind of dismissed it.  Lately, as I've become more serious about making blogging a profession, he has noticed a change in me, a joy in the pursuit of something just for me that has been missing.  (Not that I don't love caring for my family because I do and wouldn't trade it for the world). So when he saw the dog and pony show that taking pictures of myself with a remote clicker is, he offered to take the pictures for me.

So what's the encouragement in all this?  Share your dreams with those you love, even if they may think you're crazy and start taking steps to pursue them.  If they see you take your goals seriously, they just might surprise you and become your biggest fans.

xo, Patty

You can see the whole summer fashion series here.

Just a reminder, Kohl's 20 % off friends and family promotion starts today through 5/8/16.  I attached the link below.

Kohls Department Stores Inc


  1. Patty,
    Cute! Cute! Cute!
    These are my colors, too, dear friend!
    I'm totally smitten with those shoes!
    Thanks for sharing this Fashion Series!
    You have been a true source of encouragement!
    Love that your husband is photographing you!
    Happy Mother's Day, dear one!

  2. I love the shirt and yes, skinny jeans have become some of my favorites! And, thank goodness your husband is on board and lending his skills :) He's doing a great job!

  3. Skinny jeans are my go-to lately. I love this outfit. It looks pretty AND comfortable!

  4. I love it! The shoes and crossover bag is perfect but it's your pretty smile that really compliments the outfit best! It looks like you're having a good spring so far, Patty, and I'm so glad. :)

  5. Love this outfit and the encouragement. :)

  6. I am absolutely loving these posts. You are inspiring me! :)

  7. Love this outfit.. and love those longish tops that cover the "hippy" parts and show off the slender leg parts! (or maybe I should say "tummy" parts)..... And I absolutely covet those sandals.. just so darling and becoming. Kudos to hubby for helping out and probably he is enjoying seeing you dress up (or down). I'm glad you give links to where your purchased your items.


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