summer fashion series day eight - shorts after 50


I have to admit this one is a bit out of my comfort zone.  I love shorts in the summertime...just not on me.  I used to wear shorts all the time but as I've gotten older my confidence in my legs has waned considerably.  So I set out on a bit of a mission to see if there were a couple of brands that hid what I needed to hide but still looked fashionable.

olive shorts and white embroidered peplum

Shorts are sold by length of inseam (here is a great post on them from Cyndi Spivey) and finding the
most flattering for your particular body proportion is the key.  There are some general rules based on your height and shape but I think it really takes trying a few on to figure out what works for you.

olive shorts and peplum over 50 style

I found these olive green shorts from Loft with a six inch inseam on sale.  They hit just above the knee on me which hides the back of my leg where I need it hidden.  Just remember I am on the short side at only 5' 3'' and if you're taller, a six inch inseam will not cover as much on you.

Since they are fitted shorts, I paired them with this adorable loose embroidered peplum top from Old Navy and added some fun long dangling earrings to draw your attention up.  I added a couple of pieces of simple silver jewelry to finish it off along with a pair of cute cream platform sandals (similar) from Kohls.

shorts over 50

I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable I felt in this outfit.  While I know shorts are not for everyone I think it's definitely worth a little shopping trip to try on a few different styles to see if you find one you like.  I didn't go in to this post idea with much hope but in the end I found two brands that I like a lot.  (I'll share the second pair in a later post.)

shorts over 50

I hope you're enjoying this series on fashion for women over 50.  Trust me when I say that never in a million years did I see myself the author of a fashion blog.  Don't get me wrong, I love clothes but modeling them in front of a camera is just not a natural fit for me.  It took taking off some old baggage and insecurities to be able to find peace with this new role of fashion encourager.

Life is like that though, sometimes it takes ridding ourselves of a few old habits like anger, bitterness or jealousy to be able to embrace a healthier, happier life filled with forgiveness, a tender heart, humility and grace.  If you are stuck in an emotional pit, my encouragement for today would be to take off that old garment and put on a whole new one.  You just might be surprised at the peace you find.

xo, Patty

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  1. Patty, I think you are still young and your legs are good. Enjoy this. That is a cute outfit, you look very good in it. I do not wear shorts but I do wear capris/pedal pushers. I might wear fitted shorts at the knee. I really like your hair style too. You are so right about just trying new things. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I think you look fabulous in those shorts! I love the top. A lot.I usually default to capris in the summer. Most shorts just aren't long enough for me at 5' 10". You are so right about getting rid of baggage. The older I get the more I am able to drop the things that don't matter. The struggle is still real, but you just start to understand that some things are important and some things aren't. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone to do this series. I am loving it!

  3. Gosh! I haven't worm shorts in quite number of years, opting for capris instead. Those shorts are a good length on you though and your legs look great. In fact, your whole look is adorable.

  4. So cute!! Last summer I didn't wear shorts and I've decided it's just too hot to give them up. So this year I'm pulling them out again. I'll be rocking my veiny legs. :

  5. Patty, this shirt is adorable and you look great in shorts!! I love this series!

  6. I found that length of short very acceptable at this point in life. Which is great because I'd hate to give up shorts entirely. For my 5 ft 8 in height I get that effect from the nine to eleven inch inseams. I've found some cute ones at the Ralph Lauren outlet in Khaki and Kut From The Kloth in denim.

  7. Very cute outfit! I too wear this length of shorts.. maybe an inch or two shorter... so it covers a "dent" in my leg where I was kicked by a horse when I was in my 20's! I wear shorter shorts when I'm at home and it's super hot out.. but don't wear them in public! Love capris too,, but like them to come just below my knee and no longer. The top is so sweet and looks great with the jewelry. You always look cute.. your size (L) for your height is just perfect!

  8. This is my favorite length for shorts and I will soon be shopping for one or two pair for spring and summer. You look darling, and it is best to love ourselves so we can turn outward and love others too.

  9. You look darling! I am a shorts lover! I always have been. They are my go to item, even throughout most of the winter too, at least, here at home. I am finding, however, that this ol gal just aint't what she used to be in wearing them. So....the length has gotten longer, and I am now a Bermuda style shorts wearer. I just couldn't get through a California summer without them!
    xo Kris

  10. Patty,
    Love the length of shorts you chose, dear friend!
    Olive is a good neutral!
    Thank you for continuing with your Fashion Series!
    You have inspired me more than you know!
    Hearing, "You look nice!" from "Mr. Ed" puts a smile on my face. . .and his! (wink!)

  11. Very pretty!!! I'm enjoying your outfit blogs!

  12. This has been a great series! Having just turned 57 I really appreciate it! Living in Texas where it is summer 9 months out of the year make it hard to avoid shorts. I try to not worry about what my short legs look like and be thankful I have them to get me where I need to go every day.
    You look fabulous!


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