summer fashion series day three - styling boyfriend jeans


Are you guys getting tired of me styling jeans already?  It's only day three and I feel like I boxed myself in a bit by limiting my wardrobe to a couple of pairs of blue jeans and one of white for the duration of this series.  I don't know but I just might throw in a dress or two before this is over just to break it up a bit.

I'm styling a T-shirt and blue jeans again today but this time it's a pair of relaxed fitting boyfriend jeans. It's important when you wear looser fitting jeans (like boyfriend or even straight leg) that you balance it with a top that has a more fitted shape. Otherwise the overall look can be a bit boxy and unflattering.

boyfriend jeans and a navy t-shirt

I've paired mine with a fitted navy blue T-shirt from Old Navy, another great statement necklace
(again to draw the eye upward and elongate my frame) plus a wedge heeled sandal (same) (similar with a low heel).  I also did a front tuck of the tee into my jeans to accentuate my waistline just a bit.

Don't be afraid to wear a necklace with a bit of bling to it with an otherwise casual outfit.  It steps of the style ratio and is right on trend.  Without the statement accessories this outfit is just jeans and a tee that I seemed to throw on before running out the door but with them I look polished and put together. And truly the extra effort was really minimal.  I added my favorite cross body bag from Nordstroms (similar) and I'm ready to go.

This is something I would definitely wear for everyday errands and shopping.  I would even feel comfortable picking up my eight year old grandson from school in it and not feel "too fancy" as he cautions me about.

I love the comfort of this style of jean and because they are a bit looser, I think they keep you cooler when the weather heats up.

boyfriend jeans, a tee and a statement necklace

Are you a fan of boyfriend jeans or do you prefer something a bit more fitted?

I think both can be great as long as you remember the rule of proportion, if the bottom is loose wear something fitted up top and if the bottom is tight, wear a looser top to keep it balanced.  Makes sense, right?  And always wear a scarf or necklace to pull it all together.

The important thing is to find the fit and style that makes you feel good about how you look.

That's my word of encouragement for you today.  Take the time to find out what you feel best in, are you not a jean girl but love dresses, or shorts or capris.  Then go on pinterest or your favorite fashion blogs and learn how to up the style of whatever it is that you love to wear.  You'll never feel good about what you're wearing if you aren't being true to yourself and confidence is the best accessory.

That's it for day three.  I hope to see your back here tomorrow.

xo, Patty

You can find the complete summer fashion series here.


  1. Cute, cute, cute! I prefer the boyfriend looking jeans that are a little more fitted on me but the same look. Your outfit looks much cuter with the nice shoes and necklace. :)

  2. Thank you, thank you, Patty...for telling us to wear a fitted top with looser bottom and loose top with tight jeans...yes ! I have always said this to my girls. You looks so cute, you always have your pedi in fashion that shows your toes. I have to tell you I did well at Kohl's yesterday. I post about it. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I'm living for that necklace!

  4. Patty, this is one of my favorites! I love my Levi Boyfriend jeans. I would seriously wear them every day if I dared :)

  5. I'm enjoying straight leg jeans at the moment, I haven't tried the boyfriend style yet. I never get tired of styling jeans because that is what I wear 99% of the time. You'll be happy to know you have inspired me to tuck in my tee shirt and actually wear ,(gasp!) a necklace and bracelet today. Baby steps.

  6. You look adorable as usual. Great hint about pairing looser fit bottoms with a more fitting top. I tend to do that but Berber thought about why. Love the cuffs rolled up. My teenage grand girl told me to do that a couple of summers ago. Yes to the pretty accents too. Darn I missed yesterday. I'll go back and catch up.

  7. I am praying the skinny jean look goes away very soon. God forgot to give me ankles. My "cankles" don't fit through the leg openings of skinny jeans. I am a size 2 waist/hip pant but always wear boyfriend jeans to accommodate my lower leg bulky-ness. Great tip about wearing a fitted top for the bf jeans. You look smashing!

  8. Patty,
    LOVE those heeled sandals, dear friend!
    I'm n o t a jean kinda' gal, but I do have one pair of jeans similar to yours!
    I made the mistake of wearing an over~sized long tail top with mine. . .
    all I'm saying is this was n o t a flattering look for me! Thank's for the tip about the top!
    I do wear capri and ankle length pants on my short stature!
    I'd l o v e to see you with a dress sometime in the near future!
    Also, a pair of dress pants. . .please!
    "Mr. Ed" and I are going on a "Shopping Day" outing on Friday.
    I'd better be checking out my wardrobe for something to "WoW" the man!
    LOVIN' this Fashion series!
    Keep 'em comin'!

  9. Your outfits are all so cute! I wear jeans a lot when the weather is cool, but once it is above 75, I'm too hot and uncomfortable. I wear crops and capris, they are not the most flattering look for me-I'm only 5'2"- but comfort wins out once the heat begins.

  10. I didn't even know what the looser jeans were called - hum.m.m.m boyfriend jeans.. interesting. some of my jeans are tighter, some looser... depending on if I took them in or not. I have a large waist but smaller hips and thighs, so almost always have to buy a sizer bigger to accommodate my waist, and then take them in in the hips and thighs. Sometimes I leave them baggier on the legs, and sometimes I make them straight. I love all of them and that's my normal outfit... T-shirt and jeans. I've never worn jewelry with them, but it looks very hip.. and love those sandals! I always feel too dressed up in jewelry, but may give it a try.


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