A Sunny Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day. Here's a repost from a couple of years ago that still remains so true. My mom is still amazing at 82 and Sunny was renamed Pepper and is a joy to her owner and definitely won the puppy lottery when she was placed in my moms loving care.   xo, Patty

I was reminded first hand this year of what a mother should be...

As we watched my father deteriorate over the last few months of his life, we were blessed by the
presence of my mom.  She never wavered in her care for my dad.  She never wanted credit for how she gave unselfishly.  She never lost sight of how her five grown children were hurting.  If you tried to tell her she was amazing, she would tell you that she was only doing what anyone would do.  I wish that were true...but I know better.

When my dad passed away we knew that this woman who was so used to giving to and caring for someone would get lonely...and bored.

We were trying to think of the perfect gift for her this Mother's Day and (after getting her approval) we think we did.

Meet Sunny...

Isn't she adorable?  She has been living with me for the last month while my mom tied up some loose ends and stayed a while with my sister in Texas.  It was my job to house break her...(well, almost).

Happy Mother's Day, mom. 

Just a few things you should know before you take her home.

She likes privacy to do her business...so if you smell something funny, check the corners of your house.

She likes furry slippers and dirty socks.

She is not shy about telling you when it's time to eat.

She likes napping...(she will fit right in at your house).

She will steal your heart.

She will always have a home at Lemon Lane Cottage, just like you.

With love,

Chris, Mark, Dennis, Patty and Jeanette


  1. Patty, what you wrote about your mom was wonderful. You are so right not everyone has a mother like yours. Sunny is adorable. Happy Mother's Day. Hugs, Olive

  2. Oh, how cute is that! She is adorable and your mother will love her.
    Have a Happy Mother's Day, Patty.

  3. A most heartwarming and thoughtful gift! I want kids like you guys!

  4. What a perfect and wonderful gift for your mum. You are lucky to have her and equally she is luck to have you all for children.
    Lovely post.

  5. She is just precious! Your mom is lucky to have a daughter like you. Oh, she will be the best company for her!

  6. What a wonderful Mum...you are blessed. the little one looks gorgeous! I'm sure she will give your Mum much pleasure. Joan

  7. Such a precious gift for your special mom. They will become best friends in no time.

  8. She is adorable,simply adorable...It's a sweet thing for your mom to have her. My son got me a minnie Chi...cause I got sick with Panic disorder and she helped me very very much...your mom will get to love her...Very sweet of you...Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom...with love Janice

  9. How adorable Sunny is! I'm sure your mum will find great comfort and company with her. Happy Mother's Day to you both!

  10. Weren't you just the teenyist bit tempted to keep the little fur ball? When I was first on my own, my pets were true lifesavers for me. You can't pine away in bed if the dog needs to go out! Lovely tribute to your mom! ~ Maureen

  11. Sunny is certainly a photogenic little ball of fur. I imagine she and your mom will become great friends.

  12. Sunny is adorable..Happy Mothers Day

  13. Awwww! What a precious, wonderful gift! Happy Mother's day to you and your mom:>)

  14. Aw, beautiful, precious, what a wonderful gift!!!

  15. Awww, you made me cry. She is going to love Sunny. Heck, I would love Sunny, housebroken or not. Happy Mother's Day.


  16. Oh Patty she is divine. I am so glad you got her for your mom. Happy Mother's day and thanks for Friday. Such fun.

  17. Adorable . . . What kind is she? A perfect fit for someone you gives care freely and a young one who needs patience and caring love!
    Happy Mother's Day, thoughtful daughter . . .

  18. Sweet puppy! A few years ago my little Granny, who hates cats, began to feed a stray cat. We realized she was lonely and the daily visit from this cat was bringing her great pleasure.

  19. Oh- What a blessing for your Mom...someone new to love and care for. You are amazing to have thought of such a special gift for her. xo Diana

  20. I hope you have enjoyed Sunny. She looks like a good match for your mother. The bow is so cute in her fur. CUTE, CUTE,CUTE.

  21. Oh my, Sunny is adorable, and your Mom will be in love in an instant! Happy Mother's Day to both of you. xo

  22. Wonderful!!!!!!!! Sunny is adorable!
    Sweet post! Happy Mothers Day!

  23. She is so so adorable!! What a perfect gift. Lovely post.

  24. What an adorable and heartfelt gift for your mom. Happy Mothers Day.

  25. Patty,
    Your mother is a very special and godly woman.
    And Sunny has a beautiful face!

  26. What a wonderful idea!
    What a blessing you were to your mother today with such a wonderful gift.
    She must be an amazing.

    Like you!

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  27. She's one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen!! I did the usual "awwwww" the minute I saw the picture! haha I took my dog outside immediately after I fed him as a pup and he never once has had an accident in the house. That's been almost eight years ago. I'm sure your momma will have a wonderful time with Sunny. How precious.


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