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I think it's fun to use pinterest or other blogs to find inspiration for an outfit.  I believe that copying a look someone else has put together really is the highest form of flattery especially when the look is so easily adapted to what you might have hanging in your closet already and refer to my style board on pinterest often.

When I saw Cyndi from Grace & Beauty in this cute pink and white striped ensemble I knew I had to
duplicate it in one way or another.

I found this cute Faded Glory striped tee at Walmart (same) for under $6.00 a couple of months ago and bought it in a few different colors.  I added the white lace bottomed tank I shared last week underneath it because the shirt is a bit thin.  The t-shirt is fitted enough and just the right length so I didn't feel the need to tuck it in at all, plus I wanted the under tank to show for a pretty added detail.

I chose some simple brown studded flats (similar) from Kohls, my favorite straight leg jeans (same and on sale) from Loft, my origami owl cross and a fun leather band watch (similar) and I was out the door.  This is such a simple outfit and perfect for everyday running around.  I wore it to lunch with friends and then to the ballpark to watch my grandson's baseball game and felt perfectly appropriate and comfortable at each place.

I like how adding special details, like the lace edged under tank, to a basic outfit keeps it fresh and current looking.  I think a cute pair of shoes or a pretty scarf can do the same thing.

I mentioned I went to my grandson's ball game yesterday and was amazed once again at the intensity that a bunch of eight and nine year old's can bring out over a fun the coaches and parents. I couldn't help but notice how the expectation from the adults seemed to affect the kids playing ball.

We are winding down the season and a lot was on the line but it still seemed a bit over the top in the pressure department.  Maybe I'm just getting old but I was exhausted by the time we finished and a bit white knuckled to boot.  I asked my grandson and he said the intensity of the grown ups didn't affect him and in fact he didn't even notice it.  So maybe it's just me.

They ended up losing the game and slipping into second place with one more regular season game to go on Saturday.   I guess I don't have to tell you where I'll be this weekend.  What about you? Anything exciting going on where you are?

xo, Patty

If you'd like to see how I used pinterest to help me shop my closet for another look check out this post here.

And just look at these adorable shoes I linked to on my Amazon picks below...the whole outfit is adorable but those shoes!

I'm joining Jo-Lynne Shane for fashion friday today.


  1. Patty, I love the striped top. It's sweet with the little bit of lace under it. Ball games...if only most parents would understand it's kids...not the pros. I cheer for all of them. :) Blessings for a fun weekend, xoxo, Susie

  2. You look adorable. I mentioned it before and I will say it again.....I love the fact you style affordable outfits for me and probably some other gals to. I appreciate it. :-)

  3. You look fantastic in this outfit!!

  4. It's amazing how a little lace around the bottom can dress it up so much! If a person didn't have a long tank with lace around the bottom, they could always sew lace around the T-shirt (like me). Or.. get a plain tank and sew lace on it.. just a thought. I agree with the intensity of the kids' games.. it does seem over the top and I wonder if parents put too much pressure on their kids to win at such an early age. This weekend I'm planting things in my yard that I dug up from my son's house about 3 hours from me! Lots of work! also.. want to check out a local produce place to see what they are growing and if they will have fresh strawberries pretty soon!

  5. Looks darling I need to find a t-shirt under garment with lace around the edge


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