summer fashion series day seven - dressing it up


Last Saturday our church had it's annual women's "untea" event and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wear a dress.  I honestly can't tell you the last time I wore a dress but I'm sure it's been a couple of years.  I'm not sure why that is, maybe my life just doesn't involve as many dress occasions or maybe I just fell out of the habit.

blue dress with white sweater

Since it's been so long I thought I'd head out to Kohl's and see what I could find.  I actually tried on
five or six dresses before settling on this smock top one by Vera Wang (same).  It was actually on the clearance rack in the junior section and under $20.00.  (I am 5'3" and am wearing a large so it appears longer on me.)  I know, how lucky was that?

blue dress with coral necklace

It is a great weight for summer and fully lined which is what I was looking for.  The arm line is actually not bad without the pretty white shrug sweater (same) I found, but the temperatures were still a little cool to go without something covering my shoulders.  The sweater cost more than I wanted to pay but I liked the way the shoulders fit and I know I will wear it a lot plus I had some Kohl's cash and a 30 percent off coupon and I got such a great deal on the dress.  (This is the justification I gave my husband, anyway.  Did it work?)

dress and sweater

I opted to go with chunky black sandals (same) to dress it down just a bit but it looked nice with my nude pumps as well.  I kept the jewelry simple with a coral necklace (same) (similar) because there was already so much going on in the print of the fabric.

Even though it had been a while, it felt good to put on a dress for the afternoon.  I don't know why I waited so long to wear one again.  I suppose I'm just so comfortable in jeans now that I don't think beyond that.  Now I can see myself adding one or two more to my wardrobe this summer.  Hopefully by then I'll get some sun on these legs of mine.

dress and sweater

I suppose stepping out of our comfort zone could be our encouraging word for the day.  Sometimes we place ourselves in a category based on our age, occupation or social status that needlessly limits us and prevents us from trying new things or even retrying something that wasn't a success before. And I'm not talking just with fashion but with anything that sounds fun or exciting.  I'd rather look back on something that didn't work out than live my life with the regret of never having tried.  What about you?

xo, Patty

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  1. This is super cute, Patty!! Definitely keep that one and add a few more :)

  2. The dress looks very good. I recently wore a dress to a bridal shower that I gave. I didn't realize how much I wore pants because MANY noticed I had a dress on and complimented me. It made me think about that I need to wear more.

  3. I thought I was the only one who doesn't wear a dress often. Easter...and that's it. My granddaughters get so excited when I wear a dress, I should more often. lol Your's is really cute and something I would wear (Maybe a little longer)I have a couple of the shrugs too as so many dresses are sleeveless. Thanks for the encouragement to step out of our comfort zone and "dress" it up a bit. You look great in a dress.

  4. Patty, You are young and cute as a button...yes, wear more dresses. Especially going to dinner or the movies with your hubby. Your legs are great, that is a good length. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. love the necklace too.

  5. Thank you for your summer series Patty. It's been fun. You look adorable in a dress. I know my hubby loves to see me in a dress or skirt and I very rarely wear one anymore. I guess I should go shopping. :)

  6. The dress looks adorable on you! I think it with my 5' 10" height it might almost cover my hiney, lol. I love dresses, I just feel that I really don't have that many places to wear them. You got a really great deal though, and yes, I think your justification works fine!

  7. Patty,
    You look marvelous in your dress choice, dear friend!
    I've fallen out of love with dresses when they raised the hemlines.
    However, with the fullness of your skirted area, I could be persuaded to give them another try!
    Thank you for doing this Fashion Series!
    I have truly looked "outside the box" at my current wardrobe with your inspiring posts!

  8. It looks great on you! I've been seeing that color combination often and it is so flattering. I stopped wearing dresses to church because it's always freezing in the building, but now I'm inspired to add a few for summer outings. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I seldom wear dresses as my legs are so white and do ladies even wear nylons anymore??? when I could wear nylons.. I wore shorter dresses.. now I only wear a long skirt occasionally and they tend to make me look like a tent! I do like the dresses that are above the knees.. the one you found is darling and you look great in it! Love the little shrug sweater. I used to have a little white one that looked crocheted and lacey.. loved it but grew out of it. It was so great for fitted dresses and sleeveless dresses. I don't think I own a short dress anymore.. just one that comes below my knees, is not that becoming and the tags are still on it! oh well.....

  10. So cute. I need to lose weight to fit in a dress. You need to go paint the town red in this one. You look great.


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