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Even though I have always loved clothes, I spent many of my middle years in the same boring things because I thought that dressing cute was for young, thin women and my best looking years were left in the dust (along with my sanity) once my children came along and life got busy.

black jeans and distressed jeans over 50
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I made up a lot of excuses for not caring about my appearance like...

  • we couldn't afford it
  • my family loves me no matter what I look like
  • wanting pretty clothes is only for vain women 
  • I'm just too busy to put all that effort in to what I wear.  
boyfriend jeans and navy tee
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Hear me when I say most of those things may have been true but they were also excuses to justify the fact that I just wasn't feeling like I was important enough to spend the time and energy on.  Once I settled my self worth with myself (because yes, my family loved me just the same in sweats as they do all accessorized) fashion became fun again.

white jeans and black floral blouse
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I learned how to best spend what little there was left over in our budget on clothes by shopping sales, discount stores and Goodwill.  For birthdays I asked for gift cards to Kohls and Target.  I began to put effort into taking care of myself including giving myself manicures and pedicures and using lotions and face creams that didn't cost a fortune.  And I began to make better choices with what I ate and started to walk almost every morning.

blue skinnies and loose blouse
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And little by little my body and my attitude started to change.  While my family doesn't love me more, they noticed that the small changes in my outward appearance were changing my inside as well.

dress and peplum
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Anything in excess is bad but when given it's proper place in our lives, dressing cute and taking care of ourselves is anything but vanity.  Feeling good about ourselves makes us happier people to be around and that is good for everyone.

olive shorts and peplum
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What we look like on the outside is not nearly as important as what we look like on the inside and physical beauty is not the goal here.  My hope is that taking the time to care about our outer appearance will be an important step to valuing ourselves on the inside as well.

pink chinos and blue and pink blouse
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I am over 50 now and don't see myself forgetting about fashion as I get older, I imagine I will just have to adapt it to my changing lifestyle and physical limitations.  My mom is 82 years old and one of the most stylish women I know.

I believe that women can dress cute no matter what their age, size or budget and that 's what I hope to share here at Lemon Lane Style.

xo, Patty

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  1. I agree with every sentence of this!

  2. Patty, I have enjoyed all your fashion posts and this one too. We women are always putting ourselves down ..never young enough, thin enough, rich enough,. I too have always loved fashion. But I have let the fact that I am retired and can't wear pretty (comfy) shoes hold me back. Well I am way older than 50.LOL. But you make me want to try harder to stay fashionable. I'll have to post some of my choices. Blessings to you sweet lady, xoxo, Susie

  3. Great post, Patty! Love your casual yet pulled-together style. Thanks for sharing on Vis Monday, xo


  4. Hello Patty! You have shown us a collection of lovely outfits! Mostly casual, but every outfit is beautiful and you look fabulous!! Great post and I do believe there is a balance: we don't want to be vain, but we do want to look our best and present ourselves in a manner that reflects our personality. Your mom is a great example for you, a generation (like my mom) who took care of their appearance. I love how we can encourage and inspire each other through blogging.

    God bless you my dear!

  5. That's great fashion became fun for you again! Cute looks!

  6. Thanks, Patty! #1 and #4 sound like me. Even though we are retired somedays I think I am too busy to put any extra effort into my outfits. Also, I think I need to save anything new for some special day. Guess I had better change that attitude! God gave me "this" day so it is "special". Right?

  7. Amen! Well said. You have inspired us and reminded us of a few good things.

  8. Love this post! My son just turned 13 and I am just starting to put myself back on my list. :) Last week I bought the cutest shirt at Walmart and today I picked up another one. It was marked to $5 and I just love it. Sometimes it just feels nice to put on something new and look put together. Now I just need to get my butt out there and walk every morning like you do!

  9. Patty, every single one of those excuses has run through my head too. I can honestly say I have been so inspired by your posts and the posts of some other fabulous looking over 50 women, that I am trying to change my wardrobe, AND my fitness too. I really do feel better about myself when I give what I wear that extra 5 minutes of thought and effort. Thank you for saying what needed to be said. I AM worth the time effort and money.

  10. I love this post. Your outfits all look great.

  11. ...... amen to all of it! .... and I sew.... and I have tons of fabric for making clothes.... so I need to get out my machine and go for it. I'm on a very strict budget, but doesn't mean I can't go back to making myself a few cute things! You have inspired me through this entire series. Marilyn

  12. You are such a beautiful inspiration to me. Thank-you!!

  13. I love this post! I found myself nodding in agreement all the way through. You look great, and I'm so glad you've started posting more fashion!


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