summer fashion series day nine - chino pedal pushers


I found these cropped skinny chinos at Loft when I went in to make some returns a couple of weeks ago.  I have been on the look out for a couple of non-jean casual pants and these fit the bill perfectly.

chinos and geometric blouse

They are heavy enough for good coverage yet light enough for summer temperatures and they are a
good alternative to shorts if you don't wear them or if you want something just a little dressier.

navy espadrilles with blush pants and geometric blouse

I paired them with this geometrical print blouse that I bought at Burlington Coat Factory last winter, navy espadrille wedges from Kohls and a cute lace bottom tank that I found at Walmart.  I pulled the navy upward with a pretty bubble necklace and added basic silver jewelry.

chinos and lace tank

There isn't much I don't wear a tank under these days and when I saw this lace edged one at my local Walmart for just over $5.00 I picked one up in white and one in black.  Being as short as I am, most tank tops hang below my outer top and I love that what shows is the pretty lace detail.  I have seen them elsewhere for significantly more money so I was thrilled to pick a couple up at such a steal.

colored cuffed chinos

I can't believe there is only one more day left in this fashion series.  It has been good to hear and see that so many of you enjoy fashion at any age.  There is still so much I'd like to share on the subject so who knows I may just keep on going...

And now for our encouraging word, I saw a video on facebook about a young college student who decided he would help the elderly and disabled by mowing their lawns free of charge.  It was merely an act of kindness for no other reason than because it was the right thing to do and yet it made such a huge impact on the lives of others.

My question and encouragement to you (and me) is what small act of kindness can we do that might impact someone else.  It can be as easy as a smile and a kind word or perhaps paying a utility bill for a struggling single mother.  Helping others doesn't have to be complicated.   Sometimes it just takes seeing a need and filling it because it's the right thing to do.

 Who knows what that one little gesture could mean to someone in need?  Just a thought...

xo, Patty

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Kohls Department Stores Inc


  1. This is another great outfit! I have those chinos in light blue and they are perfect for everyday. I like the way you dressed up this outfit. ;)

  2. Love this outfit! And, about that encouraging word....great reminder! Yesterday I sat at the hospital with a cousin who's dad was going into surgery. She didn't ask me to, but I did it anyway and it turned out that I was able to be the 2nd set of ears she needed for hearing what the docs were telling her. Sometimes we need to just "go" and don't bother asking "what can I do for you?" because most people won't ask for help.

    Great word today Patty!

  3. I really love the colour of the chinos. Goes with the navy blue perfectly

  4. Hey I need to have you come help me put in that drop down opt in box. I love it.

  5. That is a very pretty outfit, I love the colors! I hope you will show some ideas of comfortable, nice looking outfits to wear during the heat of summer...I am always at a loss as to what to wear once the temps soar into the 80s and higher!
    I like your suggestion about acts of kindness. I have recently noticed how people are so quick to use harsh words toward cashiers, especially during busy times. I have been making an effort to be more present, more engaging, to offer a smile and a kind word of thanks for their hard work.

  6. Patty, I like that the pants pick up the same color in your top. A wee peek of lace under the top is cute too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. Love the top!!

  8. Such a cute outfit and the lace on that top is so pretty! What a steal. Great thought for the day too. I usually try to cook or bake for people who are feeling down or going through a tough time, or for no reason at all. I love to make them smile!

  9. I have loved this fashion series so much! I have never found one that I could relate to on so many levels.You have given me the encouragement I needed to feel good about dressing my 5'3" 57 year old body. Thanks to you, I felt confident and stylish on my grandson's field trip. I found your first outfit with the floral cross body bag a great inspiration.Please,please keep this series going....:)

  10. It has been a great series, Patty. Today's is no exception. Navy and tan is always a good combo. I think I missed yesterday. I'll go back and check. I saw that video you mentioned too. Really made me think about a simple act of kindness too. I would be happy if you continued the series maybe on a weekly basis like you used to.

  11. Love the peach and blue together..... and I'm all for lace peeking out the bottom. I do too hope you continue this series.. doesn't have to be every day but I've found myself looking forward to each one.. and I'm definitely NOT a fashion guru! For me it's almost always jeans and a T-shirt.. but love your ideas for dressing it up a little.

  12. Patty, I love your style. Really it is wonderful to have a fashion blog that focuses on clothing and accessories that are affordable. I love the other fashion blogs I follow but I can't afford the high prices that come along with most of their clothes and accessories. I am not ashamed that I shop Kohl's a lot and JC Penney. I am even going to look for this tank top at Walmart. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. P.S. It's good to have a "short person" fashion blog. I am 5'1". :-)

  14. Patty,
    Oh, dear friend. . .I'm lovin' the dresser pant and top combination!
    I have a pale pink pair of pants very similar to these. . .and navy shoes!
    Guess I'll be out shopping for a top with some navy print to pair with them!
    Thank you for your Fashion Series!
    I would love to see you continue with Fashion Friday or Wardrobe Wednesday!(wink!)
    You are truly inspiring!


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