Red, white and blue - Memorial Day fashion at 50


I am off in a bit for a BBQ at my mom's but I wanted to pop in and wish you all a Happy Memorial Day.  I have been blessed and honored to know many veterans in my immediate family including my dad, two brothers, one daughter and a son in law who is currently deployed on a Naval vessel as I type.

blue jeans, white blouse and red and white striped espadrilles

When my dad passed away he was buried with full veterans honors at Riverside National Cemetery
here in Southern California.  That was the most profound and beautiful funeral service I have ever been to and I will remember it for the rest of my life.  The reverence the young soldiers who performed the ceremony gave to each detail gave me chills and a renewed respect for the servicemen and women who stand guard for our country.

Not to mention the heightened sense of pride for my dad and who he was as a young Marine of 19 fighting in the Korean War, which carried on to how he lived his entire life as a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather until he passed away at the age of 80.

white ruffle top and cuffed blue jeans

He would be thrilled to know that we still gather as a family to celebrate each and every holiday.  He was a family man first and foremost and I miss him still these four years later.

white blouse, blue jeans and espadrilles

I put together this red, white and blue outfit in honor of the occasion.  (Talk about a difficult transition to fashion...)  The white blouse is from Old Navy (similar but even cuter) and I love the flutter sleeve and loose and airy fit of it.  The blue jeans are Levis skinnies (same) and have a lot of stretch to them which makes them super comfortable even after a day of BBQ and dessert!

red and white striped espadrilles

These adorable red and white striped espadrilles (similar) (similar) are from Loft and I got them at the end of season last year for under $10.00.  I carefully tucked them away never having a chance to wear them until now. They are perfect for the occasion, don't you think?

white blouse and blue statement necklace

The necklace (similar) was given to me by my mom last year and I believe she said it was from Avon.  It came with earrings (which she kept) but she knew the necklace was a bit too chunky for her and something I would get a lot of use out of.  She was right, I love it.

It's so nice to have a mom who thinks of me when she gives away jewelry and scarves she no longer uses.  I am finding that the more clothes I invest in the more I need a funnel of women who could use what I am no longer wearing.  This is true if you are losing weight as well.  There are so many who have so little and would love what we aren't wearing anymore.

It used to be hard for me to give away things that I love and might wear again one day but now that I have started posting pictures of what I'm wearing I realize there are things in my closet that have only been worn once or twice and how wrong it is for me to hold on to them.  So the purging and giving has begun in earnest.  What about you, are you a clothes hoarder or a clothes purger?

That's it for this fashion Monday.  I hope your day is filled with good food, good friends and plenty of laughter.

xo, Patty

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I'm joining Sincerely Jenna Marie and Style Nudge today...


  1. Your outfit today is perfect! We celebrated with friends yesterday and I sure could have used those cute shoes. :)

  2. Perfect for this holiday. God Bless all who have served, and are serving this great country of ours!!!
    XO Kris

  3. You look just lovely, Patty. Happy Memorial Day to you. The tribute to your dad is such a nice one. My dad died when I was really young-he has been gone 45 years!!!! this month. I still think about him everyday of life. He was quite old when I was born (grandfather age) and I was his first child. He was a medic in WWI and never talked about the war. xo Diana

  4. Pretty outfit and love those sandals! I need some! I have some nice red thong type shoes that I got at a very expensive place and they are SO comfortable. I need to get them out as keep forgetting I have them. Love the white fluffy blouse with the blue jeans.. so nice and airy. I got to spend today with my two sisters and their spouses and felt so blessed. Marilyn

  5. The outfit is lovely and the remembrance of your father and other family members who have served, even more so.


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