summer fashion series day two - from lunch to dinner


Welcome back for day two of our series on summer dressing for women over 50.  If you are like me then wearing sleeveless blouses or tank tops can make you a bit squeamish.  I am working on gaining confidence to show my bare arms along with doing a few isolation exercises to tighten up that loosey goosey under arm area but until then I am always on the look out for cap sleeve blouses that give just a hint of arm coverage.  I found a really good selection of them at Kohls and this one from Lauren Conrad's collection (view her current collection here) is one of my favorites.

white jeans and black floral blouse

Today I've paired it with my white straight leg jeans, silver go to jewelry, black chunky heel sandals
and a pretty black and crystal statement necklace (choose from several options here).

black chunky sandals and pretty accessorites

This is a look that could take me anywhere from lunch with the girls, to date night with the hubby or even church on Sunday and be appropriate and stylish for each outing.

white jeans and black floral top

I want to take a minute and talk to you about these black chunky heel sandals (same) I bought a couple of weeks ago from Kohls.  They are the perfect height of heel to provide comfort (I wore them all day and could have kept going) and just the right lift to make my legs appear a bit longer.  I know health issues prevent some of you from wearing any kind of heels but give a low chunky heel a try if at all possible, I know you'll like the results.

black floral blouse and white jeans - fashion

I really like this outfit.  I feel put together but not overly done.  As it is my husband is wondering just who I'm going to meet all dolled up with jewelry and my hair fixed.

Even though he teases me about it, I think he actually likes the fact that I'm putting a little effort into how I look.  The first two years after I stopped working outside the home I pretty much never left my sweat pants in the cool months and my well worn jean capris in the warmer months.  He never said anything, but I know he noticed.

fashion white jeans and black floral blouse

I think that would be my encouraging word for you today.  Taking time to take care of yourself is so good for you but it also affects those around you.  When I don't take the time to invest in me and how I present myself for the day, my family takes note.  They love me so they don't say anything but they do notice.  Getting dressed, brushing my hair and putting on a bit of makeup goes a long way in setting the thermostat for our home.

You don't have to run out and buy anything new, just present the best of what you own for a couple of weeks and let me know if you notice a difference.

Thanks for joining me and I hope to see you tomorrow.

xo, Patty

You can view the entire summer fashion series here.

Kohls Department Stores Inc


  1. Super cute! This one of my favorite outfits. I'm going to check out those chunky sandals. :)

  2. Patty, you always look great and you inspire me! I love this series!

  3. I really love the black top with colorful flowers. I wear a lot of black, I'm trying to branch out, but I'll admit, a top like this eases me out of my all black comfort zone with a shot of color without making me go cold turkey.

  4. Honey, you are so darn cute. I love that floral print with the white. I am going to Kohl's today with some Kohl's bucks. Hope I can get a cute top too. Wringing out wet towels will build those upper arm muscles. If you have some small weights lift your arms over your head and bend your elbows so the weights are lowered behind your shoulders...this works that tri-cep. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. I just learned that towel trick.

  5. Just a darling outfit and you look great! That black top (I seem to lean towards black all the time) with the bright flowers and pops of white looks so good with the white jeans. I just tried on my white jeans the other day and they still fit! I hardly ever every EVER wear white pants.. I'm not good at that and they always get stained or dirty. The necklace looks so pretty.. and ooohh those chunky heels. I'm one of those who cannot wear any type of heel unfortunately... it makes me so so sad as I just don't feel dressed up with flat shoes on. I hate it. Now if they made that style with a 1" or maybe no more than 1-1/2" I could maybe wear them for an hour or so. I just got some really cute black sandals at Kohl's that are flat but have straps around the ankles and some jewels on them.. so they make me feel a little bit up-dressed! Love your series.

  6. Patty,
    This outfit is so stylish and lovely, dear friend!
    I agree!
    Several times over the past few weeks,
    when I've added accessories to my wardrobe for the day,
    "Mr. Ed" has said, "My you look nice!"
    Makes my day that he notices and expresses his appreciation!
    Thank you for sharing this Fashion Series!

  7. I really like this outfit! I wish I could wear sandals with heels like that. I have too many (painful) foot problems though. Have to have lots of cushioning, for one thing. I'm one of those who dresses in worn capris or yoga pants at home during the day. Most of the time, hubby isn't even here (working), so he doesn't see me. And even if he does, I'm still going to wear those worn pants or yoga pants because I am always doing housework or gardening! I DO shower and fix my hair and wear light makeup everyday though - oh, and I always put on a pair of pretty earrings. :-)


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