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If you follow me on instagram (which I invite you do) I shared how much I am loving the embroidery trend this season.  I think it adds such a fun playfulness to an ordinary t-shirt or anything else for that matter.  And this one from Loft that I'm wearing (same) has the added bonus of fringe ties in the front which is another favorite trend of mine.

navy chinos and embroidered t-shirt

I am always looking for ways to bump up my usual uniform of jeans and a t-shirt and details like
embroidery and switching from jeans to chinos is an easy way to do it.  Because of the fringe ties on the shirt front I opted not to wear a necklace and instead went with my stacked gold bracelet (same) and a larger earring (similar) which is such a throw back to the 80's.  I loved the style then and I love it now.

navy chinos and an embroidered t-shirt

The pants I'm wearing are a navy cropped chino from JCPenney (same and on sale).  I got them in this blue and a pale pink and I am really happy with them.  The looser fit makes them not only comfortable but cool as well and they provide a nice alternative to jeans.

The white sandals are from a couple of years ago but I found a similar pair here and here.  The wedge heel makes them comfortable enough for all day while still giving me a little extra height.

Embroidered t-shirt

I mentioned yesterday that Loft is having 50% off on everything for a limited time but what I failed to mention was that shipping is free on every order.  I know I have had my eye on a couple of things but have been waiting for the right time to place my order and this is it.  If you are doing the same thing, don't wait too long as things sell out quickly.

I am off to breakfast with a couple of my best friends and then to a much needed (and overdue) hair appointment.  How about you?  Anything special planned or are you waiting for the long holiday weekend?

xo, Patty

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  1. Patty, I love that cute shirt. I could see you wearing that with many different pants, and shorts.. I like the bracelets lots. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Cute! I went shopping with my girlfriend yesterday and there were embroidered shirts everywhere! You're just nobody if you don't have one. :)

  3. I like your top on you.. In Canada we have that with a tie where your hand is in your pocket second picture. It is a draw string like you have from your neck line to your tassel.
    Ours where your hand is. Second picture of you. Has been sewed by manufacturer so you pull it. Tie it or let it hang. So you have same look as your picture 2.Only the look is short on your side of Picture two and then the length normal on other side. But short with the draw string.On your right. I have a lot of compliments. Do your stores carry them just wondering.

    1. That sounds adorable and no I haven't seen that style but I will definitely be on the look out for it now! Thanks, Carolann

  4. Such a pretty top!!

  5. I like those stacked bracelets and the top you are wearing, nice and cool for warm weather.

  6. Very sweet and cool look. I went shopping the other day (inspired by you of course!) and looked for a pair of navy blue shorts or capris... but no luck. Doesn't seem to be "in" much these days I guess. I did find a darling longish short sleeved blouse like yours... is orange with small print and buttons all the way up the front so I can wear it open with a tank under it, or button it up... is very lightweight but not see-through.... was sure hoping for navy shorts.. will keep looking. I also found super nice fitting black shorts that are "real" shorts about 6 inches above the knee! I'm going to be brave and wear them, plus two even shorter pairs. Am I getting brave or what? I'm on the hunt now for navy blue! Love that blouse also.. I say many like that but didn't like the colors and white was too see-through for me.


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