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It is hot, hot, hot here in Southern California and higher temperatures mean sleeveless tops are in full play.  I know, I know, sleeveless is not always the best look for those of us over 50 but I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and trying on a few different styles to find ones that are a bit more forgiving of my...ahem..mature arms.

skinny jeans and sleeveless top

I found this pretty blue floral paisley blouse (similar) at Loft.  Even though the top is relatively
loose because of the tapered fit it still gives definition to your waist, which as a curvy girl I love.  I paired it with my favorite coral tassel necklace (similar).  I think the length of the necklace draws your attention to the center of my body and away from my arms.

skinny jeans and sleeveless top

Notice the gathered skirt that hangs lower in the back?  This is another key style element if you want to provide additional coverage or even accentuate your bottom.  The curvy skinny Loft jeans (same) and chunky heel sandals (similar) also help to elongate your legs and give a little lift to your backside as well.

sleeveless top and skinny jeans

You notice that I'm wearing my jeans long and not cuffed up?  I tried rolling them up but with these sandals it cut off my legs in an unflattering place, so down they came.  I think having the jeans meet the shoes gives the illusion of the leg continuing on, which is always a good thing.

cross body bag

This pretty blue cross body bag is one of the things that came from Loft while I was gone.  I absolutely love everything about it.  Unfortunately it was a clearance item and is no longer available but I did find a couple of options here and here.  The gold bracelet (same) is actually one piece and I really like it paired with my over sized gold watch (same).

sleeveless top, skinny jeans and chunky sandals

Getting back to the sleeveless top (similar) and (similar), I think it's a keeper.  What makes it work for me is the slight taper inward of the sleeve.  What I mean by that is that it doesn't cut off my arm from my shoulder in a straight line, it has a gentle curve at the top toward my neck which draws attention to my shoulder instead of my upper arm.  I like the length as well.  I could see it paired with shorts or even a straight skirt when it's too hot for jeans.

So what do you think?  Are you ready to revisit sleeveless tops or do you already wear them all summer long?  What are your favorite brands?  I'd love to know...

xo, Patty

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  1. Cute outfit! I never gave up sleeveless tops. In warmer weather I just need the coolness that sleeveless tops provide. The real trick is finding tops that aren't cut too low under the arm.

  2. A great outfit Patty. Until a couple years ago, I went sleeveless, but now only at home.
    I have such a farmer's tan from ballgames, but mostly, it is the saggy skin. But at almost 70, guess that's to be expected. I wear mostly capris in the the summer, but after seeing you in skinny jeans, they are going to be a must for me in the fall. I do have one pair and feel good in them. Thanks as always for the style and encouragement to try new things.

  3. Super cute!! I still go sleeveless every chance I get. Love that top!

  4. Love it - I do sleeveless most every day here in Florida - we're not dead yet : > You look terrific and thanks for sharing, xo


  5. Such a super flattering outfit! That top is so so flattering with the little bit of inward pull at the waist and then the flair out... just love it... and those jeans too are so so flattering! I just love skinny jeans and need more. I could see this with navy blue shorts like your gray ones. And those shoes... oh sigh.. just love them but I can't wear that much of a heel. I agree.. they elongate the legs as do the jeans. When it gets too hot here in central Oregon, I don't care how my arms look, I go sleeveless,, even wear a sort of knit tank top when it's over 100! I hate that I have the "farmer's tan" also... tan arms but uppers are whiter since I wear t shirts to much in spring when I've outside. I think we lose our inhibitions as to what we wear when it gets so hot. There ARE certain sleeveless tops that are more flattering than others, I agree. For me, I like one that has a little bit of a "cap" that sticks out at the shoulder line, as it makes my shoulders look a little wider and not so sloped.

  6. You're a dol!! Love that top and necklace to pieces!!

  7. I have those dark jeans. I also have a colored top. And my bag is a cutie as well.
    My daughter bought me the purse. Mine has been a eye sore people asking where I bought it. Your a lucky gal you still wear heels. You look darling.


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