At least it's dry heat...That's what we usually say around here when the weather hits near triple digits. But not yesterday, we had a whopping 35% humidity and trust me, that's a lot for us Southern California desert dwellers.

white linen top and coral ankle jeans

Thank goodness for 100% cotton tops on days like that.  I am especially fond of this cuffed dolman
sleeve one from Loft (same).  It's loose enough to breath but fitted enough by the peplum inspired gathered bottom to offer a bit of waist defining shape.

coral skinny ankle pants and white cotton top

I added the sea foam fringe cross body bag (similar) just to give it a pop of contrasting color and because well, it's fringe...

white cotton blouse and statement necklace

The cut outs and lace in the blouse give it just enough detail to keep it interesting.

white cotton top and statement necklace

Isn't this blue stone necklace pretty?  The last time I was at Loft I made the mistake of wandering into a Charming Charlie store (which is conveniently right next door) and managed to come out with only two purchases.  This pretty statement necklace (same) was one of them.

coral jeans and white cotton top

I paired the blouse with my coral skinny ankle jeans (same) and flat gladiator sandals (similar) and I think it makes just about the perfect summertime outfit.  Cool, comfortable, cute and stylish.  Now if we could just do something about the humidity because my hair isn't having any part of it.

Do I dare inquire about the weather where you are?  Will you call me a humidity wimp or warrior?

Just a note to add this perfect white top and everything else is on sale right now at LOFT here's the link.

xo, Patty

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  1. This is the perfect combination! :)

  2. Very cute outfit combination - I love the colors! And don't talk to me about humidity, central Texas has been a terrarium for a while - mid 90's for temps (not too bad for summer), but 70% or higher humidity, ugh! But I try not to complain, because I hate cold weather even more, lol!

  3. I love the blouse with the coral pants. The blue bag is a nice contrast too. The weather here? Right now it's in the 70's and it looks like rain any minute. We need the rain so I'm really hoping we get it!

  4. I love a pretty white cotton blouse and this one is darling. And paired with those coral pants? wow... looks really cute. I HAVE to get me some sandals like those.. they are so good with just about any outfit. Our humidity here in central Oregon is about 38% which is high for here too... but staying indoors alot helps curb the heat! I can take small doses of being outside, but not all day and not in the sun a whole lot. You are brave to get all fussied up even in the heat!

  5. Very nice white blouse!
    Happy 4th.

  6. Patty, I really like this does look cool. Goes well with the pants. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. Very cute white blouse. With love Janice

  8. Love that blouse! You would hate the humidity here in the Chicago 'burbs...35% is super low for us! Most days, the humidity is in the 60 - 80% range! Our cousins who live in the Tacoma WA area were in a couple of weekends ago, and they were "dying" with the humidity here. I remember years ago when we were on vacation in San Francisco, when we flew back home and landed at O'Hare, we walked out of the airport and the humidity was like walking into a brick wall and then having it squeeze you, lol.

  9. I have your pants. Mine are longer but I roll mine up as we get such hot days. Yours are permanently cuffed I see. You look sharp with the white cotton blouse. Do you have to iron the tops? Being cotton?


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