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Early Summer Wardrobe Challenge -Ten Items/Ten Outfits
Day 3 - Shorts and Pattern T-shirt

I am really trying to embrace wearing shorts this year but I have to admit I am still not there yet. Don't get me wrong, I love how cool it feels when I have them on but the whole self confidence thing is still not happening.  But I listed shorts and a patterned t-shirt as our combination for Day 3 of the Early Summer Wardrobe Challenge and I'm going for it.

Today I'm styling a pair of grey/green bermuda shorts (same) and my favorite patterned linen t-shirt
(same) both are from Loft and just happen to be on sale right now.  Because the shorts are grey, I was tempted to wear my silver jewelry but then I found these cute gold tone leaf earrings (similar) at Walmart for $2.88 and had to snag them. They say hypo allergenic and so far I am not feeling any kind of irritation.  I have no delusion that the color will stay true but at that price I had to give them a try.

I am seriously trying to get some sun on my legs but for some reason they have been a bit reluctant to absorb any color and I have never had much luck with the tan in a bottle stuff.

I chose not to wear a necklace because the earrings make such a statement.  I added a few bangles to my wrist, and I opted to wear my favorite flat gladiator sandals (similar) (similar) again which makes this outfit even more comfortable and easy.

This is one of those outfits that you just have to accept that you aren't going to look as good in now as you did 20 years ago and that's okay.  My legs have a few small veins from banging my thigh on the side of a desk for nearly thirty years and some dimples (not the cute kind) that I wish weren't there but it is what it is and I can try to ignore the imperfections and enjoy the style or I can obsess over them and hide in the house.  I'm choosing the former...what about you?

xo, Patty

Here's the link to see the whole Early Summer Wardrobe challenge plus a link to how I wore these shorts a couple of weeks ago with a white peplum blouse.

Shop the look on sale (Loft prices do not reflect the sales price, click on the image for current price).


  1. Cute!! I feel most comfortable in bermuda shorts but finding the right ones is tough!

  2. Very cute outfit and the earrings are great. I don't even own shorts, I live in capris for the summer, mostly because at 5'10" I have a hard time finding shorts long enough to cover appropriately for my age. You look great in these! My legs have never tanned in my life, #redheadproblems, I have learned to live with it, and since I gave up on tanning in my teens I think my skin is the better for it. I embrace my glowing white skin, Haha!

  3. Cute outfit! Love the top but sleeves a little too short for me. I wear shorts only around the house. Once in a while I'll run to Walmart and with the 106 weather last weekend wore them to the ballgames. I do tan easily and get lots of sun with yard work and ball games. A little tip: on the back of my legs I use Jergens tanning lotion in a tube. It doesn't smell and isn't orange. The trick is to lather up good with regular lotion first. That way it won't streak. Okay lesson over lol. I need to start wearing my jewelry again. I get lazy about that. You are good for me.

  4. You look very good in your ootd...absolutely no need to lack confidence in your ability to wear shorts!! ��������

  5. Lol! Those question marks were supposed to be two thumbs up! :)

  6. Patty,
    You look amazing!
    LOVE your Wal~Mart earring find!
    I shopped at LOFT (in Tulsa, OK). . .but didn't purchase any "finds"!
    I love the neutrality of the green shorts and the print top is "perfect" for Summer!
    Another "great" Summer wardrobe style,dear friend!

  7. Patty, you are adorable in this outfit. I used to be able to tan easily but not so much anymore. I have wondered if that is because I have gotten older (I am in my 60's). I saw those earrings at Walmart the other day. They look great on you.

  8. I really like this outfit and think you look great. The jewelry complements it well.

  9. You look great in shorts! Don't know why you worry about it as your legs look very nice! I don't own shorts either except a pair of jean "shorts" that come down right above my knee. I'm self conscious of my white legs... they used to tan really well but just don't bare them enough anymore! Love the print T also... I don't own any.. only the ones with a picture on front. Those ear rings are very becoming on you too, with your dark hair. I may not participate today but do love the look... and I"m going to try to get myself at least one pair of shorts for this summer.. I like that length and think it's doable for most anyone. I have a bump and indent on my thigh about halfway up where my horse kicked me years ago! since then.. I never wore shorts above that area! But I do love shorts in really hot weather. I have one pair of those knit sports shorts (hubby's) that I wear inside in the summer, or out working in the yard where no one can see me!


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