I've been talking about redoing our master bedroom for the longest time and finally dove in head first over the weekend.  It wasn't hard once I found the perfect drapery fabric.  The rest of the room just seemed to come together seamlessly after that.

master bedroom collage
I found my inspiration in of all places a gorgeous nursery makeover over at The White Buffalo Styling Company.  What got to me specifically was the gorgeous material she used on the draperies
and  that gorgeous blue wall color.  I ordered a few yards of the fabric on the spot and it arrived while I was away on vacation.

(White Buffalo Styling Company)
I took my yardage and headed straight over to Home Goods on Saturday in search of a bedspread and new sheets to coordinate with it.  Of course I came away with a lot more than just that, but I am so excited by my finds that I will eat peanut butter and jelly for as long as it takes to pay for all of it.  (I did show a little self restraint and said no to a $29.99 roll pillow in the most perfect coral color...sigh.)

Here are a couple of inspiration rooms I have pinned on my pinterest board A Place to Lay My Head...

It's obvious I like warm and cozy cottage more than spa like and serene, right?  These corals and teal blues are my favorite color combo right now and I think they lend to a boho cottage kind of feel, which I love.

I'm undecided about a headboard but I love the look of these and think I could put any one of them together with the help of my hubby...

all three inspiration headboards here
And here's what I'm still on the look out for...

Wall lighting for over the bed x2

simple curtain rods x2

I have narrowed down the paint colors to these...

Finding all the bedding was such a huge push to get this project going.  We already have a dresser and one night stand so I only need something for the other side of the bed.  Our house is old and I am working with a wonky built in corner seat/shelf (we are not sure what it is or what's behind it) that sits about 24 inches off the ground so I will have to get creative with placing something over it.  

I have an idea but sometimes getting the idea from my brain to finished product is another story.  I'm thinking something like this...
inspiration via pinterest
So there you have it.  I was supposed to order the carpet months ago but got side tracked, so I am heading out today to make a selection and schedule someone to come out and measure and install it. We are expecting a few days with temps in the 80's next week so I hope to get the painting done then.

Hopefully I'll have some progress to show you in the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime I'll be back to post more summertime fashion tomorrow.  

As an added note and having nothing to do with this post, LOFT is having 50% off everything right now.  So if you've been waiting, the time is now...

Have a great hump day!

xo, Patty

If you'd like to see a little bit more of our 1954 Cottage take a look here...

I'm joining the party at Thoughts of Home Thursdays...

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  1. Patty, Please come help me out with my bedroom. I am envious of you and how you will make your master bedroom all come together. I have spent hours and hours looking for just the right comforter or quilt for my master bedroom. I just don't know what to do. I am a perfectionist and that means frustration. Also, I am on a tight budget.

    I can't wait to see what you are doing and the end result.

  2. O my gosh I love the colors I have picked out aquas and oranges with white for our new deck appearl I can't wait to see your bedroom when it's done. I really like the room with the light wood going up it. I think it would be pretty and I could see some nice framed pictures or something on it. Good luck thanks for sharing with love Janice

  3. I love that fabric! LOVE it!!! I am a big fan of that color combo too Patty. We are in dire need of giving our master a little face lift too. But I shall wait til we put the new carpet in when Drew moves. What fun. Can't wait to see your progress. Make the neck roll! I was in Joann's yesterday and they have so many pretty fabrics!!!
    xo Kris

  4. I love the colors and the pattern in those curtains you have picked out. It is SO you! I never thought I liked the color coral, but now that I see it with the teal, I love it. I can't wait to see your bedroom when you're all done with it. I've been working on our master bedroom for over a year, lol. And we still don't have a headboard because I can't find "just the right one". I had found a beautiful padded headboard online and we ordered it, but once we got it in place behind our bed, we realized it didn't fit (holes in the legs of the headboard didn't line up with our mattress frame), so we had to return it. I would love a plank wall like the ones you showed, but I would have no idea where to get those wooden planks, much less how to build one. Hubby isn't handy either. We're quite a pair. ;-)

  5. That fabric for the drapes is absolutely gorgeous and so you! I really love that inspiration room.. I think I would go with the gray walls as maybe that blue would be too vivid after awhile for a bedroom... just use lots of that dark aqua color for accents. Also.. the side table with the basket underneath is a neat idea.... love that. I like the headboard that is like the horizontal door and maybe that could be that dark aqua blue.... your vision is coming together and I know it will be wonderful. Am anxious to see the progress you make.

  6. Oooh, LOVE your color choices and fabric :) I can't wait to see it all together!

  7. I can not wait to see how this comes together. The inspiration fabric is so pretty and you have such great ideas. Looking forward to this.

    Thanks for sharing at Thoughts of Home and have a wonderful weekend. :)


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