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Early Summer Wardrobe Challenge -Ten Items/Ten Outfits
Bonus Day 11 - Skinny Jeans and Patterned Short Sleeve Top

And you thought we were done with this series.  I know I said today would be the recap day but I noticed that I had one more outfit that I styled but didn't share so we are calling it Bonus Day 11.

peach top and blue cardigan

This time I paired my curvy skinny blue jeans (same) with the peach peplum top (similar) and blue
cardigan sweater (same).

jeans and blue cardigan

All the accessories I've chosen are ones that I've shared before so that's definitely a testimony as to how versatile  they are.  The coral tassel necklace (similar), simple gold drop earrings and my blue slide espadrillles (same) help bring this simple outfit together for a summer dinner party or BBQ.

blue skinny jeans and peach top

So many of you have told me how these posts have encouraged you to invest in a few more accessories to help complete your staple outfits.   To me a great necklace, earrings and bracelet are an easy and inexpensive way to give what your wearing a bit of a pulled together look.

skinny jeans, blue cardigan and peach peplum

Now, I promise this is the last new post in this series.  I have had fun mixing and matching these ten items into ten...make that eleven, outfits that fit beautifully into my casual lifestyle.  If there is another fashion series you'd like to see me tackle, just let me know.

I will be back tomorrow with a quick recap and then we can hang this one up ( bad pun intended), so to speak.

xo, Patty

If you'd like to see all ten items I've chosen or any of the other posts in this series just click here at Early Summer Wardrobe Challenge.


  1. This blue sweater is so cute on your Patty!

  2. I love the shoes too, love the colors combo.. Pretty and refreshing with love Janice

  3. Another great fashion combo, especially with the cardigan. I just went back and looked at each post and got a lot from seeing how you mixed those items up. We've been camping in Chino Hills and going to ball games every day for the last week so my wardrobe has led much to be desired, but I'm. Inspired to go home and work on it thanks to you.

  4. I want those shoes and I NEED that top! So so cute and you really HAVE inspired me to go clothes shopping (a little bit) and to get more long necklaces as I love how they look. I've working a little bit part-time and need to dress up a little bit, so now I'm searching my closet for a little dressier things to wear besides jeans and t shirts, and see that with a few of the cute tops you've shown, I could be all set. I may have to go out this weekend and find some!


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