the last weekend in August


Happy Saturday morning!  Can you believe this is the last weekend in August?  I can feel a busy week ahead trying to complete a couple more projects on my August to do list.

I'm hoping to finish up my dining room spruce up and now that the weather has cooled a bit, the garden definitely needs my attention.  I think the weeds actually out number the flowers at this point.

All that can wait until Monday though.  This weekend is all about enjoying the last weekend of Summer...throwing something on the barbecue or a quick trip to the beach sounds just about perfect.  And of course opening a nice bottle of wine to finish off the day will definitely be in order.

What about you?  Any plans for the weekend?

xo, Patty

By the way, I broke down and bought a box of vanilla pudding and made a banana cream pie.  We indulged after dinner last night and boy, was it delicious!


  1. It really still feels like summer the low 90's. We will be staying inside and working on our kitchen remodel this weekend.
    Yummy...banana cream pie!!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. It's somehow reassuring that I'm not the only one with too many weeds. I have patching to do in the hallway in prepping the ceiling and walls for painting, but have a few other things to do first. Wow, the last weekend in August! Have a beautiful day, Patty.

  3. I think that we can all relate to the weeds thing. My veg garden has more weeds now than vegetables.
    With the drought it is too hard to pull the weeds. Can't wait for my hubby to roto the garden.

  4. LOL- You and your banana cream pie!;>) Can't believe it is the end of August already- How did THAT happen? I have my granddaughter here for the weekend- so we are busy-busy-busy! xo Diana

  5. Where have the days and weeks gone, it is school time and leaf falling time around here.

    Enjoy your wine!

  6. Banana cream pie is my favorite and I jsut happen to have a few bananas . . . hmmmmmm.

  7. Good choice for a breakdown! Until you just mentioned that this is the last weekend of summer/August, I hadn't thought of it. Oh my! Time just keeps racing...

  8. Patty, When I was 16, my mother-in-law showed me how to make banana cream pie, her son's favorite. It turned out and he loved it:):)You made me remember:) xo, Susie

  9. I was just thinking of making banana cream pie yesterday and looked up a few recipes on the Food, some of those recipes can be involved! I may stick with the pudding version!

    Hope you enjoy your day, Patty! :)


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  11. Patty,
    Horray! Congratulations of the success of your banana cream pie!!! I've been getting the lower level living Family Room back to some order. Trust looked like a bomb had gone off in there!!! Watching it rain every chance I get this weekend! I love to see the rain drops falling from the sky. A welcome sight, indeed! Have a blessed weekend, dear friend!

  12. Oh no Patty. I've lost track of time. I can't believe it's the last weekend all ready. I have so much left on my August to-do list, I better get cracking. J

  13. Happy weekend, Patty! You're southern banana pudding recipe is on the way!

  14. I am going to divide some of my Dutch Iris bulbs this week. Do you want me to bring you some on Thurs.?

  15. When all else fails..go to the box!!!

  16. Hey there Patty
    I love your candle and your jug
    Your a real blogger


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