an unexpected perk


Being better organized definitely has it's perks.  When I saw a recipe for banana bread muffins on Homemaking Merry Hearts blog I knew immediately that I had all the ingredients on hand to make them.

Even though the heat has been relentless, I couldn't resist waking up a little early yesterday morning and whipping up a batch.  I was hoping by the time dear hubby noticed I turned the oven on he would smell the delicious aroma and not fuss about the extra heat I was causing. 

Mission accomplished...

Another perk are the extra compliments from him.  As much as I think he doesn't notice the changes I'm making, it turns out he actually does.  He has made several comments about how neat and organized the kitchen and laundry room are and how much he appreciates it.  He even noticed the fresh sunflowers and thinks we should always have fresh flowers in the house. 

Kiss the cook and do the dishes! 

Fresh flowers in the house all the the time...definitely an unexpected perk!

Happy Monday everyone.

xo, Patty


  1. Oh he sounds so nice. Hope he brings you flowers every week. I love sunflowers,so cheery. x

  2. Oh- Patty- How wonderful! I really need to use up some bananas in the next day or so. Did you tell your hubby to bring you flowers every week? xo Diana

  3. Isn't nice when all of our hard work gets noticed. And for your hubby to suggest there always be fresh flowers....that's so sweet! The muffins look wonderful this morning!

  4. Aww, its really lovely that he shared his appreciation with you :) Waking up to the smell of banana muffins must have been a real treat. I agree about having fresh flowers int he house, there is something really special about them. Maybe you could go and pick some wild ones together? :)

    Jerra xx

  5. You are really motivating me! We just moved into a new house. Organizing the contents behind cabinet and closet doors has never been a strength of mine. This weekend we hung up two spice racks and put in extra drawers in the pantry. Its so nice. :)

    Keep your good ideas coming.

  6. Just over from Teresa's Southern Country Home and I love your sweet blog! We too have had a terribly hot summer and I'm careful not to turn the oven on unless absolutely necessary... i.e. banana muffins! Come over to Granny Mountain for a visit when you have the time~
    Joy C.

  7. What a fun change from banana bread to muffins. I think a house just isn't a home without flowers and your home is looking both organized and pretty.

  8. Its amazing what men notice. I think they notice much more then we give them credit for! Those muffins look fantastic!!!

  9. Banada Bread Muffins sound yummy ~ and your Mr. sounds like he really appreciates you ~ how wonderful ;-)

  10. Good morning Patty. I fired up the oven yesterday too. I had all of these over ripe bananas from this awful heat, and had to put them to use! I made banana nut bread.
    I love to have fresh flowers in the house too!!! Makes me happy!!
    XO Kris

  11. Patty,
    YuM!!! Much like your husband...I love all your organizational tips and photos!!! I have several "junk drawers" that need "your" touch!!!
    Those muffins look delicious!

  12. Happy Monday, Patty!! What a lovely post...I love fresh baked items and fresh flowers...truly an icon of a happy homemaker! :D. I LOVE your pedastal covered cake dish! So pretty! Also love your "happy" cupcake liners! Everything looks beautiful and deserving of compliments!! Being a stay home homemaker is glorious!! :D. Maybe I will never be a stay-home homemaker again on this side of eternity...but I enjoy seeing others enjoying that kind of time! Nothing like it! :D. ENJOY!

    XOXO Carolyn

  13. Wow..good for him...good for you!!!!

  14. Wow..good for him...good for you!!!!

  15. So cute, I love your country kitchen


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