are you a fan of banana pudding?


I love banana pudding.  It's funny I'm not particularly found of bananas but I do love banana pudding and banana cream pie.  (You don't suppose it has anything to do with the sugar added, do you?)  Normally I'm a box pudding kinda girl but I found a recipe in a book that didn't seem too intimidating.  The directions were straight forward, I had most of the ingredients on hand and even though it involved a double boiler, I was ready to give it a try. 

I ran to the store for vanilla wafers (the only thing not in my cupboard) and picked up a bouquet of fresh flowers for the table.

You'll notice I'm posting pictures of the flowers and not the banana pudding...

After a marathon of continual stirring, separating four eggs, chopping up six bananas and whipping up a quick meringue, it flopped...big time.   For some reason the pudding went from thick to runny.  It was fine when I poured it over the wafer and banana concoction but when I went to sample it, it was runny.  Any idea what I did wrong? 

I can't tell you how disappointed my taste buds were.  All that work and no reward.  Don't you hate when that happens?  It's like when you have a craving for ice cream and open the fridge and somebody ate the last bowl or the last piece of pie.

Before I go back to the box,  I'd love to give it another try.  Does anyone have a fool proof recipe they are willing to share?  I have to run to the market today and I can pick up more bananas...

xo, Patty seems there are a few of us waiting for suggestions on where to shop for clothes.  It's not to late to leave a comment on this post and I will share the top places next week.  Thanks for your input.


  1. I have to admit, I've never made homemade pudding! Sounds good though! But, at least your flowers are beautiful! I do like your centerpiece!

  2. Hi Patty, we have a very old joke about my sister Colleen's pudding & jello - her pudding wouldn't pud & her jello wouldn't jell! Now mind you, she's a great cook, but your post reminded me of the old family joke! LOL!!!

    The only thing I can think of is, if you used corn starch as a thickener was the date near expiration? Did you have to fold in egg whites? That could make a difference too.

    I was reading through some of your older posts this a.m., when I came across the post on your mom, how is she doing since she moved, my mom had a difficult time, but she was ill ...

    Oh, I love, love, love your kitchen!! I think the red cabinets are stunning!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Love banana pudding!! I have found the world's best! It is Paula Dean's; It's not yo Mama's banana pudding. The trick is to find "french" vanilla pudding. This has turned into the guys are work favorite dessert. Give it a try!
    Food Network has it online!

  4. My Mama has a banana pudding recipe that requires now baking, is loaded with sugar and is so delicious! It is so good that family members request it for the birthday instead o a traditional birthday cake.

  5. Patty, I'll be turning 48 this month, and I definitely do not have the metabolism I once did, lol. If I want a cookie "fix" I'll either get some of the Atkins products that substitute, or our Ingels has a product for diabetics in the cookie section that is sugar-free. I cannot remember what the brand is, but a couple of those and I'm good. Now banana of my favorites:-) I make a trifle with sugar free vanilla pudding and whipped cream that kind of gives me the same flavors.

  6. Patty, the cookies are by Murray. We love them!

  7. Have never made it. I just stick to banana cream pie using pudding.

  8. Patty,
    Try everytime!!!
    P.S. (V = Village...I = Inn)

  9. I have a great one Patty...I will type it up and get it to you. It is actually for vanilla pudding and I just add the bananas for my husband and use the other half and add coconut for me. ;)

  10. Hi Patty. In my family, it was a Southern thing, to bring banana pudding to anyone who was ill, or had just had a baby, or was down, or whatever. It was the feel good thing to give. My Mom used Vanilla pudding in the box, but not instant, and vanilla wafers, and sliced bananas. But not too many bananas!!! This is how I make it too. But I have heard that the Paula Deen recipe is great. You may have over whipped the meringue. I would need to know more details about how you made it to know what happened though.
    You mentioned next week? I was not aware we had plans??? What are we doing???? And when?????

  11. Hi Patty, I checked online for answers to the runny banana pudding, and the problem seems to be quite common. I didn't find a definitive answer, but too much liquid, not enough cooking time, and not enough cornstarch seem to be the top reasons. I don't know though. I've never made a banana pudding. Good luck with the second effort. I hope it turns out thick and delicious!

  12. Your flowers are lovely, Patty. I'm sorry your banana pudding didn't work out right :( So disappointing when that happens!! I hope you have a lovely weekend anyhow, and that next time you try the recipe it works ok :)
    Helen x

  13. Email me and I'll give you the best and easiest banana pudding and banana pie recipes you ever made. I'm a New Orleans native and have made banana pudding all of my adult life. And, no self-respecting southern girl would put meringue on banana pudding. Whipped cream is traditional, and a great housewarming gift for a new neighbor, or potluck dish. Good luck! Since I moved to California, there are a lot of Californians who can now make award-winning banana pudding

  14. Hi Patty!
    I'm your newest follower. I can totally relate to your banana pudding flop. I made my grandmother's recipe many years ago and accidently put in 1 Tbsp of salt rather than 1/2 tsp. My family ate a few bites with their faces kind of contorted and questioned my cooking abilities...then my reading abilities. Anyway, I haven't tried that recipe again, but I may have to give it another try. I do hate it when you work so hard on something and it flops. Your flowers are pretty, though. I hope you'll visit me over at Posed Perfection soon. Have a great weekend!

  15. I'm sure that was so disappointing, all that work and all of those ingredients. Bummer.

    I'm stuck pretty much to the banana pudding that involves instant puddings and whipped topping. Love that one, and it's so easy, which is why I'm stuck on it. :)

    Good luck!

  16. I love banana wafer pudding..I remember its being runny at one point as well...Sorry, I just don't cook any more..

  17. I like bananas ok, but nothing else with bananas in it, or banana flavored!
    No help here, I made homemade pudding years ago and it was good. Like 20 years ago....
    Your photos are beautiful, though!

  18. Patty- What a shame. Try the recipe on the side of the Argo cornstarch box...perfect pudding everytime. xo Diana

  19. Sorry about your pudding, your flowers are beautiful, hope that makes you feel better. ;~)

  20. Hi Patty. Sorry about the pudding. Sometimes an egg yolk or two helps.

    Love the flowers.

    Thanks for visiting my post and commenting, too! Susan

  21. We love banana pudding around here. In fact, I got all the fixin's at Walmart yesterday. I don't know what could have happened to yours, but I say...go back to the box. I have tried my Moms's from scratch and Better Homes and Gardens is my go to, but my family always raves when I do the box...instant works fine too. Lots of cookies (my Mom used Graham Crackers) and lots of Cool Whip. Paula Deen has a good recipe too. "Not yo Mama's Banana Pudding" I think.
    But...I love that you had fresh flowers on your table again.

  22. I have never tasted banana pudding or banana cream pie but it sure does sound yum Patty.
    I like the flowers on the table :D
    Have a fantastic weekend
    Ella x

  23. Hi...I make banana pudding from box here. A few times it turned out runny. Like soup. The key is to make sure you cook it long enough until thick and be sure to use whole milk. I was using skim or 2 percent. Turns out like a charm. Also, my recipe is basically vanilla pudding and add bananas. I wouldn't use fake banana flavors in a wonderful pudding. Good luck.


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