Is it a woman thing?


Is it a woman thing...this feeling of inadequacy?  This need to produce and always measure up?  And is it self imposed or does society place it on us?  Is there a certain age where we discover us and embrace that, or is it a life long pursuit?
Just a few random thoughts running through my mind this morning...

I love blogging.  The whole process feeds my creative soul but I have to admit that sometimes I stare at the blank screen and wonder what I have to share that could possibly be of interest to anyone out there.  There are so many wonderful blogs with such worthy content. 

Then I remember, I am me, not her or her or her.  God has blessed me with my own set of gifts to use to encourage and inspire...not everyone will get it everyday but I may touch one person and that one person will walk away with a thought or a smile and I will have done my part.

I try to start my day over at Ann Voskamp's blog, A Holy Experience.  She always has a nugget for me to chew on and today's was this.

 "When you’re in covenant with Christ, it’s His responsibility to cover your cracks, to be all your competency and completeness."

A weighty thought to apply to this simple blog I know, but it is so true.  If I remain true to who I am in Christ, then He will cover the cracks.  That should be my auto pilot answer to any feelings of inadequacy that creep into my thought process every time.

xo, Patty


  1. Yes, I do believe it is a "woman" thing Patty. I share your feelings quite often.

  2. We do seem to be so much harder on ourselves than the men. Why do we do it? Thanks so much for your very encouraging words, I really needed it today!


  3. You make me smile every time you post, even if it doesnt feel relevant at the time sometimes its relevant at another time. Did that make sense? haha!

    Jerra xx

  4. Dismiss those unfounded feelings of inadequacy, and keep doing what you're doing because you do it so very well!


  5. I think any feeling of not measuring up, for me, are self imposed. I am trying so hard to live up to MY standards, but I think it is especially hard for someone like me who's children are almost adults and having not been in the working world for quite some time. While I search for who I am now that I am not so needed by my family, I try not to dwell on the feelings of inadequacies. It's a rough road.


  6. I let it creep in all too often...that feeing of inadequacy, but I try to remind myself, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made by the creator Himself, and if he made me the way I am, then there must be a divine reason for it. We all have crosses to bear, but he bore the ultimate cross, so we can let ours go through Him. :)
    You have touched my heart more times than I can tell you...through your blog, your generosity and your sweet little cards you so lovingly make. I love you my sweet friend, and I'm so glad our paths have crossed in this life.
    Blessings to you!
    <3 Missy

  7. Patty, I think it's a human thing and our creative nature that God placed in us so we can touch another person's life.
    I've faced this with my own blog and I had a sweet friend say ask me to look at the why I write. I came to the same conclusion that you did--if I can touch one person for the Lord then I will keep on writing!
    Your blog is a blessing. Keep going!

  8. I know how you feel about feeling inadequate. But keep posting the way you do as you do it beautifully.

  9. It *does* get easier with age! I promise! The Lord has brought me so far in this area but there's still some residue of inferiority, etc. For instance if a friend is quiet, my first thought is, "Is she mad at me?" :) But then I remember all the other reasons someone might be quiet.

    I do believe these types of things are a bigger problem with women than men, though.

    A goup of men and women were given an unsolveable puzzle. Most of the men declared that there was something wrong with the puzzle but the women's reaction was that there was something wrong with them- they just couldn't figure it out.

    Have a great day! ♥

  10. I must be a woman thing! I enjoy visiting your blog. It's one of the first ones I open to read. You are very inspiring along with your honesty and gorgeous photos of your Home! Thank you!

  11. As far as the blog goes I try to be in competition with myself only. I want to take better images this week than I did last week and so forth. I may never be big and that is fine. I adore the kinship I have found here and that is why I stay. We can only be ourselves after all not "her."

  12. I have to tell you that your blog is one that I read every time when I find time to read any. I love what you have to say and your photos are so pretty. So keep doing what your doing...Your right we each have our own gifts that God gave us and yours will be shared with the people it is meant to be shared with. Have a great night.

  13. Patty,
    Answer: it is a life long pursuit to embrace fully whom we have become! I'm not completely there either, dear friend! I want you to know e v e r y time I read your post, I come away with my cup filled to capacity and running over!!!Embrace the love inside you and let it flow from your being...we are waiting to hear what you have to say. Today, tomorrow...

  14. Patty- I think we often torment ourselves with those thoughts. But, I love coming here and visiting you- You are real and that is what I like best about you and our blog! Blessings- xo Diana

  15. I think I feel inadequate when I start comparing myself to other bloggers. Blogging can easily be too much watching of the stats. We all want to know that what we write or photography is liked. But I think having advertisers must increase the pressure to produce. I took 2 months off earlier just cause I was bored with blogging. Now I am not. I need to remind myself that what I enjoy the most is that a blog makes me take photos.It makes me look at all life differently. I would love to just have a travel/outdoor blog, but I have neither the time or money to do that. Maybe someday.

  16. Patty, I often feel the same way. Sometimes I think I am all over the board and I need to focus on one thing, then I think how one dimensional I am. Enjoy the ride!

  17. I work hard at not comparing. When I focus on using my unique gifts I am feel adequate. What I have been given is more than enough if I am using these gifts. As I have gotten older it has become easier, but the temptation to compare sometimes pops up again. Great post!

  18. Hi Patty...I think most bloggers feel the way you did in the least some of the time. The days when I see many people visited my blog, I feel so happy. Then, if there's a day when almost no one visits, I feel sad. But in any event, blogging allows me to do what I love most in life, write. And take photographs. It also affords me to meet so many wonderful people from all over the USA and different countries, too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and allowing me to share mine. Susan

  19. We all have our unique gifts, and that's the beauty of the Body of Christ. Without question, we are complete in Him. I was reminded of a prayer I used to pray over my daughter as she was growing up, "Lord, I've done my best as her mother, and I trust you to fill in the gaps."

    Beautiful post, Patty.

  20. I wrote this on a blog post a few days ago..your post reminded me of it:

    I praise God that He is my Judge.

    He is working on the part of me being me and not worrying about what other's opinions are of me, or my family, my life, my home...and my 'homies'!

    God will supply all your needs from His glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

    Blessings and thank you for sharing your heart..

  21. Thank you Patty. Your post was what I needed to read after a hard day. Yes, I think women are harder on themselves. We try so hard to be perfect, but inside we see all the imperfections. Thank you for reminding me I have a back-up in these hard times, my faith.


  22. I don't know who or what imposes these feelings of inadequacy women seem to always suffer from. I think, first of all, it could be men. And secondly, society at large. I have had a bone to gnaw with men since that senator took it upon himself this week to say that "women who are raped do not usually get pregnant. BECAUSE, their bodies have a way of taking care of those things." I am a grandchild of rape, so I take issue with that. And I've been mad as a hatter ever since. So I got off topic. Another inadequacy of mine. (You couldn't make up this stuff these idiots say...)

  23. Hi Patty, such a beautiful post. I definitely feel inadequate when blogging; there are so many popular blogs out there with thousands of followers and mine feels so meager. I've always loved to write, but when I read a blog where the writing flows so beautifully, I think, "Gee, I wish I could write like that." I only have a point 'n shoot camera, and most bloggers have those expensive SLR cameras, so their pictures are much better than mine. That makes me feel inadequate, too. Or, then there's the bloggers with homes that are ginormous, and on and on...yes, we are our own worst critics! Anyway, I also love Ann Voskamp's blog and get her updates in my email every day. God bless you!

  24. Patty
    Your openess is always so refreshing. We all feel inadequate at some time or other. I have to except I can't be 'good' at everything and just thank God for the few gifts he has given me!
    Your a blessing!!

  25. I know we have all felt that same way. It can hard not to compare ourselves and feel inadequate. But, I am sure every single woman out there has something that she just hates about herself. The trick is not focusing on that and realizing all that is amazing about ourselves.

  26. thank you Patty, for uplifting've blessed me today
    ♥ much love

  27. I never miss one of your posts and there are many 'bigger' bloggers that I often skip. When you start blogging, you write about yourself and what you are doing. The danger in becoming big is that you start to write about blogging and lose the personal side that is the real connecting point. I still feel that you are talking to me. ~ Maureen

  28. Amen! I do believe that it is with faith and age that we come to a wonderful balance in who we are both in Christ and in our place in the world. You have a wonderful honesty here on your blog...words written with heart...a reader can ask for nothing more...your little 'cottage' is a wonderful place to visit.

  29. Good post. I can understand, Patty. I deal with insecurity at times, too! What you and I need to remember is that our identity is in Jesus Christ and being a child of God. It's true, He will help us deal with everything else. You are lovely inside and out. It's easy to see that, Patty!!

  30. I use to feel inadequate at times..I have 5 sisters who all have great bodys...and then theres me..I am over weight...I have been married to the greatest husband for 39 years..I love my life but true at times I use to feel these same feelings but I haven't ever since I set my mind I am who I am I am not my friend..I amnot my sister..I am not my neighbor...I am me...God made us all unique and we aare all a rare gem in his eyes created by his hands so I love myself today and I am thankful I do not compare anymore...set your mind to it to patty and it will be!!! Carol

  31. Who will deliver me....thanks be to God for Jesus, all my cracks & gaping big canyon's!!!!
    Love this post Patty thanks so much for posting it
    Lol Karen x

  32. It is a woman thing, Patty. I feel it often in all areas of my life.
    However, I have to say I think those feelings make me strive to be better, and there is always room for improvement. I would like to have a better blog in so many ways, and like you, often feel I have nothing to contribute.
    Your's is one of my favorite places to come. I always feel inspired by all you contribute. Your spiritual insight always hits my heart. Your pictures and all you share about your life, heart and home make your blog so special.
    Thanks for being here in blogland for all of us to read and enjoy.
    I didn't know about Anne's blog. Will add it to my list. I have her book on my Kindle, but haven't got past the 1st chapter.

  33. I want you to know that I so appreciate your candidness and your honesty. Every visit here is an inspiration and a blessing to me. I understand the "woman thing" and I think it is a universal thought process for each of us at times.

  34. I agree.. I think we women feel we have to live up to certain standards even if that means running ourselves into the ground.. Im a victim of that also.. And then there are days I stare at my blog and think like you do.. I don't have anything half as good as some of these "Super bloggers" to write about but then I remember, I am me and I write for me and hope that some will like what I write :)
    Robyn :)

  35. Very good thoughts. God gave each one of gifts to be used. Some are little nuggets while others are huge gemstones!! It is not up to us to decide which it should be. Use what He has given us to the best of our ability and He will take care of the rest.
    Isn't God good like that? :)


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