shoot out at the OK corral


*Warning- If the sight of little boys playing cowboy with fake orange rifles makes you squeamish you might want to skip this post...

I've been having fun playing around with PicMonkey's easy to use format for editing pictures.  Last week I used a couple of textures on my lavender pictures and over the weekend my grandson and I edited a few of his favorite photos with their overlays and borders feature..

Look at that concentration...

I know you can't tell but if you look closely at the above picture, that's Chuck Connors of The Rifleman on the TV in the background.  You can just see the butt of his gun from the opening credits.

My husband has the series on DVD and he and my grandson love to watch Lucas McCain fight off evil villains.

I never realized the lessons he taught his son Mark each week.  He really was a great father with a good solid moral compass.  Where are those dad's on TV now?

I don't know if there is a future in it...but the little guy sure has a talent for playing dead.  When he's been shot there ain't nothing distracting him.  If you lift his arm or leg it just falls back to the floor like a wet noodle.  The only thing that will get him to move is if you try and take his rifle or mess with his hat!

This is one tough hombre.  Even in his hand me down cowboy boots that are two sizes too big.

I wouldn't want to mess with this face.  Would you?  He takes his job very seriously.

This was a lot of fun.  If you haven't tried PicMonkey yet, you should.  I have found it easy to use and I am not a whiz on the computer and it's free.  It resizes photos quickly and the basics are user friendly.  There is even a collage feature now, too.  The only complaint (and it may be just my ignorance) is the add text feature is limited.

Now go have some fun editing your pictures!

xo, Patty

This is just my humble, unauthorized opinion of a product that I am in no way compensated to talk about...


  1. I have a feeling that PicMonkey will be charging for some of it's features soon. So far, I really like it. Your grandson is cute! Looks like you had a wonderful visit with him.

  2. I bet you sleep well at night knowing you live with the Rifleman! What a cutie he is. Love the he plays like kids (us) used to play when we were little. Not in front of the computer or TV with some "organized" game or something. Good stuff!

  3. Oh Patty, I know you use PicMonkey but it can't improve on little guys expression. He is so adorable and yes, he takes his job very serious! Way too cute!!

  4. Oh darling! We need to get your cowboy together with my cowboy!!

  5. You two must have had so much fun taking these photos. He's a real cutie.

  6. Your grandson is adorable..what expressions...I love Picmonkey..I hope they don't start charging...

  7. He is too cute! The black and white picture looks just like one that my husband has of himself when he was around 5 (circa 1960 or so).

    I about come to tears when I compare the shows of when I was growing up and a teen (like the Rifleman, Star Trek, The Waltons, and more) to the "reality" tv drivel and worse on today! At least back then the only worry would be if a show was of bad quality (writing, acting, etc), of which I'm sure there were some, not whether a show would be BAD (language, senseless violence and gruesomeness, inappropriate sexuality, etc).

  8. What an adorable cowboy you've got... (don't tell him
    I said that!) I am sure he would rather be frightening!
    I teach preschool and we have Cowboy Week where they
    put on bandanas and cowboy hats we take their ''mean' faces and make wanted posters complete with outlaw names such as "paci snatching Payton" so fun !

  9. What a cutie-pie! Ahem... I mean ... what a fine, and trustworthy young ranger!

    I've used Picmonkey before.. it's a lot of fun to use, and very easy :)

    Smiles :)

  10. He is the cutest thing ever! He looks like a serious gunman and I was a little scared ... but then when I saw him down, I felt sorta sorry for him. Haha, what a cute post, love it! Hugs ~ Mary

  11. What a fun time you all had! Precious memories, indeed.

  12. Those pictures are PRICELESS! I miss those t.v. show days....BRING 'EM BACK!! This posting is PRECIOUS! from one sweetie to another....Roxie

  13. Oh Patty! I found you!! Each time I checked your old blog...there were no new posts. Haven't checked for awile...but I found you here! Hope u r doing alright! Your grandson is such a cutie!!! :)

    XOXO Carolyn @ Cottage Sunshine

  14. I need to get into PicM and play a little bit. Your little guy is so cute-Isn't it funny how all little boys just love guns and pretending to shoot? I think it is inborn! xo Diana

  15. My Grandson age 3 likes to play dead too. Just look at him and say "bang" And he drops like a fly. Such fun.

  16. I LOVED the Rifleman!
    He is precious!I am off to visit PicMonkey.

    White Spray Paint

  17. Well that little fellow has just stolen my heart. I can tell the world is a safer place with him on the watch!


  18. I had no idea you had a real ranger in your house! Don't tell him, but he's still cute with his serious face on. lol ~ Maureen

  19. What a little cutie-pie, and I just love that "serious" face!

  20. I love Picmonkey too! Love how you used it with your grandson's photos...he is the perfect Rifleman. His expressions are perfect!

  21. This is one hombre that takes his commitment seriously . I wouldn't like to mess with him .

  22. Patty, I loved these cowboy pics! I even showed them to my husband last night. We both awwwwwed over them. Reminds us of the little boys we used to have that went and grew up way to fast :)


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