shhh...I've got stow aways


I have been busy getting ready for the opening of our little booth in a couple of weeks, cleaning and sanding...priming and painting.  I am usually not squeamish about painting over wood as long as it doesn't have any sentimental value to me but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to paint my two "made in Italy" farm chairs I found at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.

Once I cleaned them up and gave them a good waxing, the old patina'd (beat up) barn red chairs somehow made their way into my dining room.  Now it appears I have stow aways that aren't going anywhere.

I am totally smitten with the way they add to the farm style look in there.  If I were looking to buy a couple of chairs (which I wasn't) I would have picked these two.  Don't you love it when that happens? 

On another note...thank you for all your sweet comments on my laundry room spruce up.  So many of shared you that your laundry rooms weren't fit for pictures.  Trust me when I say, neither was mine.  It was an embarrassing mess.  I had to jump in the shower as soon as I finished emptying it and sweeping away the dirt because I looked like Pig Pen.  I was quite literally covered in soot from my head to my toes.  I think that's why I appreciate it's order now. 

Here are the links from those brave enough to share their laundry spaces...

Just a heads time we'll be talking about household cleaning.  Riveting stuff, huh?  (smile)

Have a wonderful weekend.  It's going to be a warm one here.

xo, Patty


  1. Hi Patty! Your laundry room DOES look super spiffy!
    I love your chairs, too! Brilliant find!

  2. I would have hung onto those chairs too! Good call Patty. If I had a booth somewhere it would be empty cuz I would not want to part with all the treasures I find. Can't wait to visit your booth when ts open. Let me know.



  3. I can see why you simply cannot part with those chairs....they are fabulous!!!! Have a great weekend :o)

  4. I love, love those chairs!!!! I am really envious. I would never find anything like that at Goodwill. I will say I don't go very often. I find it too chaotic for my a.d.d.!
    I simply don't have the patience to hunt for it I suppose.
    It also isn't close to me either.... The chairs look made for your home!

  5. Hi Patty,

    I love those chairs and wouldn't paint them either.

    Thanks for leaving your sweet comment to me. Have a blessed weekend.

    Hugs, Barb

  6. Nice chairs!!! I am a Goodwill shopper myself....I give a lot away, but it is so fun when I find a "treasure" for myself. :)
    I am actually giving away a linen through my blog today which I was very tempted to keep for myself. :)
    Enjoy your upcoming weekend!

  7. The chairs do look great, Patty. I also like your pretty door and the daisy detail on the curtain. Your home is so lovely.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  8. I love the chairs too. :):) I made all my daughters garden chairs once....then whined that I wanted one. I have yet to make myself one. Enjoy your's a bit cooler here in central Indiana, we had soem rain last evening. Smiles, Susie

  9. Goodness, I love those chairs!

    You have such a good eye for treasures!

  10. I wish I could find some chairs like that. The reason I'm afraid to rent a booth is because I know full well most would end up coming home with me!

  11. Patty...
    I love those chairs and would have kept them too.
    They are gorgeous!!

    Have a happy weekend!!


  12. I don't think I'd let the stowaways leave either! lol Those chairs are beautiful!

  13. I'm so glad you didn't paint over those chairs. They're perfect as is.
    Have a great weekend. Our day and weekend forecast is unusually cool with some possible showers. It's already sprinkled today. I did get to a garden sale and brought home seven ~ one gallon sized plants that were one and two dollars each. A bargain, and now I need to get them planted while it's still overcast and cool.
    Take care.

  14. It would have been a crime to paint those chairs..They're lovely..The wood I have is mostly cherry and mahogany..Can't bring myself to paint it..I've been tempted just to lighten things up..But NO!!!

  15. One of the "benefits" of having a booth, "new stuff"! and then it doesn't work for you anymore, sell it! LOL!!
    Those chairs do look nice in your home.

  16. I can't believe you found those at Goodwill. I never see good furniture at mine. I would have kept them too. Love the shape and the perfect for your kitchen. When I had my booth, I was always fighting with myself, wanting to keep the things I bought to sell. I finally decided to give them a home until I was ready for a change and then they would go to the booth.

  17. The chairs are the best!! they look great!


  18. Patty,
    I love your Farmhouse Frenchy chairs!!! I adore the curves in the ladder backs...just what I was looking for...but I'm not a fan of rush seats! I'm so glad you've kept these for your own home!!! One of the perks of your newest adventure, when you're out "treasure hunting" for your booth...sometimes you stumble upon a "treasure" for yourself!!! Thanks for adding my link to your post! Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend! I just fininshed doing...the laundry!

  19. The chairs have found their home . . . perfect!

  20. Those are wonderful chairs... pieces that add charm and style. Love your laundry room make-over and I do hope you take up knitting this summer! ;) blessings ~ tanna

  21. Love them....and also love all the wonderful details in your dining room! The trim on the curtain, just too sweet! And polka dots-yea!

  22. What an outstanding find! Love the chairs.

  23. Love the chairs, but what I really want to know is where you found the red polka dot plate hanging on the wall! So perfect for my kitchen! I NEED a plate like that, seriously.


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