June roses


June is my favorite time for roses in the garden.  We have had just enough sunny days to encourage abundant blooms but not so much intense heat as to burn the petals up.  Like children, I have no favorites but enjoy each ones positive attributes while gently pruning out their wayward tendencies.  Sometimes they listen...sometimes they don't. 

Isn't this the most delicate looking rose?  It is a David Austin English rose and I'm sorry I don't recall the name.  It was transplanted from the middle of the garden, where it was being crowded out, to near the front and it seems to be much happier.

The blooms are so big that it can droop a bit but I am hoping that once the roots get established the canes will get a bit stronger.  I would love to plant a few more English roses but haven't been able to find a local source. 

This little pink rose is called China Doll.  My mom bought it for me a couple of years ago and it has remained compact (only about a foot tall) it blooms really well for most of the summer.  It is perfect for the front of the perennial bed.

This pretty peach rose is one of those grocery story mini roses that was a gift a few years back.  It is another great rose to mix in with annuals at the front of the bed.

Isn't this an unusual color?  It is a tea rose and is a prolific bloomer and a great cut flower. 

This pretty pink is another mini rose gift.  I have found that while mini roses look pretty inside for a week or two it's best to get them planted in the ground sooner rather than later.  If you wait too long and it seems they are lost, cut them way back and stick them in the ground.  More often than not they will survive.

I found this peachy rose along with the climber below for a few dollars in the bargain bin at a big box store.  I cut them back to the base and both are now blooming like crazy.  It took a couple of years for them to take hold but good things are worth the wait.
Thank you for asking about my mom.  She is one strong lady but misses my dad dearly.  She and Sunny (who has been renamed Pepper) are getting along well.  Most "accidents" happen in front of the door to outside so if you have any tips on how to get Pepper to bark or signal when she wants out, I am all ears.

That's all I have for this Friday morning.  Have a wonderful weekend!

xo, Patty


  1. Such fabulous blooms,thanks for sharing your beautiful gardenxxx

  2. Your roses are so pretty! You have such a green thumb. I appreciate your tips!

    Happy Weekend! :)


  3. Your roses are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your roses I'm beginning to add more to my gardens....it's one thing that deer won't eat! Very lovely photos, enjoy the beauties.

  5. You have the prettiest roses !!! i would love to have some great rose bushes like that. Smiles, Susie

  6. Your roses are so pretty! I love them too. Mine are mostly quite old, and need some replacing here and there. Mine are rather happy right now too, but soon, when the triple digits strike, they will show their sad faces!!
    I am so happy to hear that your Mom is doing okay. Pepper will eventually get the idea.
    XO Kris

  7. Beautiful, beautiful roses!

  8. Your roses are so pretty...ours are blooming right now too...but we had gopher trouble and turns out he liked roses...so we lost my two favorite:( Have a great day!!

  9. Lovely David Austin's and others . . .

  10. Love your roses, and all the pretty colors! I have just started with roses. I may be asking you for advice.

  11. We've been shopping in pet stores quite a bit lately. I saw some bells on a piece of leather that are supposed to be hung by the door that you want to use for letting the dogs out to potty. The dogs are supposed to learn to nudge the bells when they want to go out... I have no idea if it would work, but thought I would mention it.

    Ooh, I love that peach colored mini rose. Isn't that one pretty.

    Our puppy days start tomorrow. I'm hoping it goes well. Take care.

  12. You have so many lovely roses in such an array of colours. The coral one is such a splendid rich colour! They are all beautiful, Patty.

  13. These are gorgeous blooms! My roses are not doing well at all; there are hardly any blooms.

    Have a happy weekend!

  14. Your garden is just soooooooooooo beautiful, and the David Allen roses, I have pinned pictures of them on Pinterest for my daughter's wedding one day, so pretty. I could just stay in your garden forever..thanks for sharing, it truly is so peaceful and your photography just grabs all of the beauty.

  15. Your roses are just breathtaking! Thank you for showing them to us!

  16. lovely... i desperately want to see all the flowers in my own eyes...

  17. Patty- Your roses are just amazing and beautiful. I am sooo jealous! I just finally planted some roses but won't have flowers this year! xo Diana

  18. I didn't realize you had so many roses. They are all beautiful. You seem to have a good variety. I left my 4 rose bushes behind and haven't found a good spot for one yet in my bitty garden. I'm hoping my hubby will get the pergola for my swing built soon and I know I want pink Eden roses to vine over it. Again your roses are amazing.
    Glad your mom is doing okay. Know she loved having a visit from you.
    No advice about the dog...never had much luck there. Enjoy your weekend.

  19. Oh, You must have what it takes to have such beautiful roses. I saw one the other day for $25.00. I couldn't bring myself to buy it. It was beautiful. I'm down to only one now. Maybe next year I will try again.

  20. You are a lucky girl to have so many gorgeous roses.

    Beautiful roses can't survive our winters .... sad.
    Wild roses thrive, but any thing else like a Jackson-Perkins rose, or David Austin rose... no way.

    Thanks for sharing your roses!!

    Sending warm thoughts and wishes for your mom.
    It's a hard thing .


  21. I love your roses. Your little compact pink one reminds me of the one I have called Theresa Bugnet. Blooms all summer long and is so fragrant. Take care, Kit

  22. Patty,
    I love your roses! The first ones reminded me of the pink sweetheart roses used in my wedding! I'm a June Bride! Lovely post!

  23. Roses are what I do, and I will be happy to help you search out the ones you want for your garden. One of my favorite sources for David Austin roses is Heirloom Roses in Oregon. They sell really nice own-root plants, and every one I have from them grows and thrives. (I added 10 more of them to my garden a couple of months ago.)

    With Pepper, it's probably best to get the little sweetie on a potty schedule. Eat breakfast, go outside ... lunchtime, potty time ... mid-afternoon, after dinner, and bedtime, too. Chances are that Pepper has decided that outside the door is his 'place'. When he does his 'business' outside, an enthusiastic "Good Potty!" and a small (very small) treat will help him get the idea that outside is his place.

    Once that is established, you can teach him to ring a bell on the door to go out. It's all a matter of training ... dogs don't naturally know that they're supposed to ask to go out, and some of them never bother (like mine) I just keep them on a schedule, and there are no accidents in the house. Best of luck with this.

  24. Lovely roses! I tried planting a mini rose at one time, but it didn't survive. I think I will try again. I have a few climbing type roses that I absolutely love.
    Sorry I don't have any advice for Pepper. I have the same problem :/


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