I never knew...


I never knew I liked the smell of fresh grated ginger.

Thanks to you I have been expanding my recipe file on the nights my husband is out of town.  Last night was Chinese.  I made teriyaki chicken, orange chicken and fried rice with a side of  broccoli. 

The dog didn't know quite what to make of the new aroma of spices and vinegars coming from the kitchen, he kept coming in and sniffing then shaking his head and heading back out.  Since I cleaned out my pantry and have been restocking with a new list of staples, I had just about everything on hand.

Since this is definitely not a cooking blog,  I didn't think to take pictures until after the mess was made so I all I have to show you is the finished dish.


Okay, now it's your turn...what is the latest thing you learned about yourself that you never knew before?

xo, Patty


  1. Oh wow, that looks delicious! I bet your husband will wish he was home so he could eat it too!

  2. Hi Patty,
    I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog the other day. I am so un-savvy when it comes to this blogging thing that I could not figure out how to reply to you.
    I love your question. I have no answer; I'm going to take this as a challenge and to pay closer attention. Perhaps I take way to many things for granted. I would have been way too busy fretting about when I was going to make it to the gym again, or how I was going to decotate for my Forth of July party to take the time to enjoy the smell of ginger as I grated it.

  3. That looks delicious Patty!! Let's see, it wasn't recent that I learned this. But I have learned, when my Dad was ill, that I am much stronger than I ever knew I could be. But, God was holding my hand.
    : ) Kris

  4. Hi Patty, it looks too yummy. I love and adore rice....think I could live on it. Ha.


  5. That looks so good, I can smell it!

  6. Way to go!!
    Your dinner looks delish!

    How fun to experiment with recipes and make something delicious :)

    I've learned that I'm not the girl that doesn't need any sleep anymore~~~LOL!
    I certainly need to start getting more than 4 hours of sleep each night~~sheesh!

  7. That looks delicious indeed! I know that I have much less "get up and go" if I eat sugar. I eat it sometimes, but I have learned that I feel much more capable when I avoid it! It's so tempting, however! Are you staying cool? We're so hot!

  8. Patty,
    We have left~over pork roast, fresh brocooli and rice! Thanks for the inspiration for tonight's dinner!The one thing I never knew about myself was that I could experience Joy once again, after tragedy. God is gracious and such a loving Father to me!

  9. Oh my goodness, that being a grandmother is harder work than I thought. However I have never been afraid of hard work:}

  10. Sounds and looks great Patty..If I cooked, I'd ask you for the recipe :)

  11. OH yes! Everytime we cut into frech ginger around here, we spend a few moments just inhaling that amazing scent!
    Your chinese chicken looks soooo good! :)

  12. If you have ever listened to Dr. Weil (love him), he says ginger is very good for you. That dinner looks yummy, wanna share? Anyway, I have learned that I am an incredibly strong person when I have to be, and an incredible wimp sometimes, too.


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