shopping my clutter


My kitchen and dining room are in the middle of mission reorganization and I have accumulated quite a bit of clutter laying about as I decide what stays and what goes. 

I find it's easiest for me to get started when things are empty so I usually move everything off of surfaces and cabinets and on to the dining room table while I begin the purging process.

Needless to say this doesn't make for the most picture worthy house.  So when I heard that Brenda from A Cozy Little House was going to have a Tweak it Tuesday party this week I panicked a little bit wondering what on earth I could post to join in the fun? 

When she said it was all about tweaking an area of your house I started playing with the area on top of my wine cabinet.  I normally have the white candle sticks (from Home Goods), the antique scale (a $9.99 score from Goodwill last year), the yellow iron pot (a gift from my SIL) and the rooster picture, as part of the arrangement there. 

I shopped the clutter on the dining room table and added the enamelware coffee and sugar containers, the bee mug and the two little white pitchers (both family pieces from my mom) to create this new farmhouse inspired vignette.

Even just this little bit of tweaking has inspired me to get a move on with the rest of the junk treasures I have accumulated.  I am in the mood to pare down and simplify so if I don't love it or use it then it's going to the booth to be sold.

Next week I'll share with you my entire kitchen all reorganized and refreshed.

Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to visit Brenda and all the rest of the party over at The Cozy Little House.

xo, Patty


  1. I love your "tweaked" look.
    Am pretty curious however what the wine cabinet looks like . . .

  2. You always have the best vignettes. So colorful and inviting....I agree lets see the wine cabinet!

  3. Beautiful mix of yellow, red, and white.

  4. Great title that I can relate to! Never thought of shopping my own clutter! Have a great day.

  5. That is such a beautiful vignette. I love the mix of colors...especially the red & yellow.

  6. Lovely post and blog
    Please comment on my new post
    Ella xoxoxo

  7. I just love your red kitchen. Can't wait to see.

  8. So cute! I love the colors and all the different heights.

  9. I love your pictures and the little knick knacks you have around your house are so cute- your house always looks so lovely and happy!! :) Great post!!!

  10. I love the new tweaked look! I started the same thing last night but now my living room floor is covered with cookbooks and glassware. I got so distracted looking at old cookbooks I didn't finish, Yikes!!!

  11. Great idea, Patty!! I need to do this every so often...I have lots of little things here and there. (too much sometimes) Especially when I buy lots of new things, it's always good to rethink the space! I can't wait to see your finished product!
    Have a blessed day!

  12. Looks nice, I keep readying these blog where everyone is in the de clutter mood...I sometimes think I need to de clutter but I love all my things that I have now I have down sized three house to a flat and I don't want to rid of any more of my things..even though lol my house it busy. wishing you a great day with love Janice

  13. Patty, what a beautiful vignette you devised from "shopping the clutter!" (I loved that, shopping the clutter.) Every color accents another in this arrangement and it's is very appealing to gaze at. Thanks so much for joining my party!

  14. I like your new "tweaked" look but your post title is a classic. hehehe

  15. Would that my clutter should looks so good! Your vignettes are charming!

  16. Patty,
    I've been doing the same thing in my kitchen this past week! Time to get rid of some ~ not so wise purchases!!! Most of the time I'm NOT an impulse buyer...but some of these decore accessories are NO longer my style. I take mine to our local Thrift Shop or Goodwill Store. Your vignette is darling!!!I'll be watching for your post!

  17. Hello, Patty
    I'll be creating some piles of my own as the hallway needs painting and there is a bookcase there that needs to be cleared and moved out of the way first. I think your "clutter" may be prettier!

  18. Hi Patty, I think your bee mug is adorable. Looking forward to seeing more of your kitchen.

  19. Hi Patty!
    Great vignette that you put together! You have a great eye for color, and design; reds and yellows look so cheerful together.

    Love that old scale!!

    Hope today is a good one.

    Smiles :)

  20. Patty, your little vignette is so well put together. The colors work so wonderfully! I need to use your method for putting together new vignettes at my home!

  21. Love your colors..Looking forward to next week...

  22. These are the only clutter that looks fabulous! Thanks for the tweak tips.

  23. It has been awhile since I visited you and wanted to start where I left off. A slow computer and laziness has bitten me lately.
    Love how you changed the vignette on top of your cabinet. You really have a lot of pretties to work with.
    Your new farmhouse look is coming together.


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