simple needs


I love to watch the birds descend on the lawn and begin pecking and foraging after the morning watering. 

Their needs are simple...

Arise, sing a song of praise, wait for the Provider to provide, work for their food, find a ledge to admire the view and sing a song of thanksgiving for the gift of another day.

Shouldn't our faith be as strong and our needs be just a simple?

Have a wonderful day!

xo, Patty


  1. I love birds. Love their songs, beautiful feathers. We feed them here at our house and make sure there is water. Smiles, Susie

  2. When people have gone thru what they have on the Eastern coast, it should make us realize that our everyday needs should be very simple and plain. Love your pictures.


  3. Simplifying our needs?
    What a wonderful goal.

  4. Patty ~ yes, the Lord cares for all creatures, big and small. It is us, who with the knowledge that the Lord has bestowed upon us, that need to cling to him, knowing that he feeds the birds and the smallest of creatures ~ he will surely provide what we need. (not what we want, but what we need).
    Simplify ~ I am trying ~ with a little help from above ;-)

  5. Hi Patty....You are right, of course. Wish I could be as trusting and non-worrying as the little birdies. Susan

  6. As always, you have a sweet way with words. Life should be that simple.
    I love watching and listening to the birds.

  7. Certainly, lessons to be learned from His creatures!! Simplifing needs is difficult but good! Great post!!

    xoxo Carolyn

  8. That's the answer. If we could only simplyfy our lives. We'd all be better people. God made His creatures for us to observe and learn from. Thanks for taking the time to notice them. I need wake up calls from time to time. ~Amy


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