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Where to start?  Isn't that the toughest part?  I guess a little time of reflection on my whirlwind inspiration filled weekend is a good place.  My trip to Texas was short but oh, so sweet.  My sister has the gift of hospitality and she was so gracious in her giving of time and (sometimes scary) navigating of the streets and beltways of Harris County. 

We spent Sunday in the quaint town of Spring, Texas.  The weather was picture perfect and all the shops were filled with both beauty and quirkiness (and even a little what were they thinking) that inspires.  It may take me a couple of posts to share just how pretty the day there was.

The heart pictures from yesterday's post were from a shop called Thad's. The grounds were lush and green and just added to the allure of this little shop.  It was sensory overload for this gardening, color addicted girl.

It was my first taste of Christmas decorating this year and I oohed and aahed my way through the entire store. 

I was planning on scaling back my Christmas decor this year but now, I don't know.  It was all so festive and pretty.  I loved the huge ball garlands in the archways and I think I may have the perfect place to give one a try.

Not this soon, of course.  November is full of things to be made, parties to plan and more than enough to be thankful for.

Yikes!  November already?  Where did the year go?  Time flies by so quickly, doesn't it?  Happy November.

xo, Patty


  1. Oh I loved seeing these pictures! One of my favorite pastimes is strolling through shops and looking at Christmas decorations. So lovely!

    Have a great day!

  2. Gosh- You take good pictures! I love looking at all the Christmas stuff, too. I keep threatening to scale back...but....well...I am who I am and I love Christmas- xo Diana

  3. Lovely eye candy. I wish we could expand November or October to give us more time this pre-holiday season.
    I'm so glad you had a nice trip and came back with renewed inspiration. Way to go.

  4. I agree, Yikes November already??? I might have to visit Spring, TX on my next trip. Great pictures and I like you am scaling back my decor. But I ams sure not done with Xmas sewing!! Another big yikes!

  5. Patty, I was going to scale back my Christmas decor too but my CC wants to go whole hog. So we shall. Happy you had a happy trip:} Olive

  6. awesome awesome!!!! i agree with you.. inspiration is everywhere..

  7. I am so glad you had a good time. You really deserve it. On the decorating. The first Christmas after my folks passed I didn't want to put out much maybe a tree and some stockings. Not our usual. But Dean put up ever single thing we had. Literally Christmas barfed as my one daughter said all over our house but it was so festive and light filled. It really lifted my soul and gave my kids what they needed. Don't scale back. In fact go buy some more. We will go to Country Gen together!!!

  8. Oh my ... Patty, you were, literally, three minutes from my house! And my niece's shop, Rosy Revival is in Old Town Spring (I've blogged about it several times). And Thad's is one of my favorite shops in OTS. It is simply magnificent, isn't it? Speaking of Rosy Revival, they've just signed a lease on a larger store, right around the corner from Thad's. Next time you're in my neck of the woods, I'd love, love to meet you! So glad you had a little getaway and enjoyed the neighborhood.


  9. Lovely "stuff"..Don't scale back..there's time for that later..

  10. I always say I am going to scale back and then I buy new things! What a great shop! I'm glad you had a great time and look forward to hearing more!


  11. I cannot believe it is November! So glad you had fun in Texas!
    xo Kris

  12. Patty,
    Gorgeous inspiration photos, dear friend!!!
    When hosting Christmas On Crooked Creek...November is "high tide" planning and decorating time here on the Prairie!!! Get 'er done early...then sit back and enjoy with all our guests and family!!! Added this year, I'm one of the hostess' in a Progressive Christmas Brunch...I have the Finale...dessert!!! So~o~o good to hear your enthusiasm!!! Have a great weekend sorting through which project comes first...second...

  13. Hi Patty,
    It's easy to see why you were so inspired. Beautiful pictures, and great decorating ideas!

    Have a great weekend.


  14. ll was planning on scaling down my Christmas decorating too...ha ha ...cant get rid of anything and have already started making more things for the tree ;) Lovely pictures :)

  15. Oh how much fun..I haven't been to Spring in years and this weekend would have been just great! Thanks for sharing the many memories are coming back to me from trips there.


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