Oh, yes I did...


I had one of those oh, yes I did, moments this morning.  I went to bible study with two completely different earrings on. 

I am not talking two similar earrings (like the time I wore one navy and one black pump...same style and both dark colors, I get that) but two totally different earrings.  One drop earring with a little green bead and one silver teardrop earring to be exact.

I sat at my table and discussed the lesson with my ladies...visited with a few close friends and one relative...and not one person so much as looked at me sideways.   That must mean that I have extremely kind friends or friends with very bad eye sight!

Tell me I am not alone.  Have you ever done anything like that or is it just me? 

And, if you notice someones "moment", is it better to ignore it than to risk embarrassing them?

Can't wait to read your stories!

xo, Patty

These little snow globes measure 2.5 inches and the bottle brush trees sit on adorable thread spools covered in vintage sheet music.   I have ten of them in the shop in all different colors.  Thank you to those of you who purchased the star ornaments...they sold out.

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  1. 1st thought... were you in a hurry? it has happened to my mother. does that help? ha. ha!! i guess i continue to do like when i was a kid in school. i lay out my outfit, shoes, coat, earrings & all the goodies, purses & keys. just a suggestion. at least you have a sense of humor about it all. ( :

    just so you know i am having a Christmas Giveaway if you wish to join up. hope to see you there. bring your friends too. big hugs. have a great week.

  2. Sounds like you were stepping out hip to me! (at least that's my story when I realize I have my shirt on inside out, or backwards, or . . . and I'm sticking to it!)

  3. Oh Patty, your story has given me a good giggle! I've done the one black, one navy shoe thing, but never the earrings. Although I have on occasion been distracted whilst putting on my earrings and left the house wearing only one :-)
    I think you just have lovely, kind friends.
    Have a happy day,

  4. Are your friends in their late 50's? Because I'm finding most of my friends are like me, needing reading glasses most of the time!
    I can't say I've ever worn different earrings or shoes, but I have forgotten that I had a roller or two in my hair before. It's always fun to laugh at ones self. You just must be very rushed!
    Cute jars too!

  5. I've done the one silver and one gold hoop before but not really two different ones. I'm so glad we can laugh at ourselves when we do these wonderful things. I can get so side tracked anymore that I know my day is coming for two different somethings!! Just don't forget your bra and go to work like I did!! A longgggg story!! All I can say is thank goodness it was winter and I could use the excuse of being cold to keep my jacket on.

    Love you little tree globes!!!

  6. I remember wearing two different sandals. As I recall, one of my students said something. Out of the mouths of babes!

  7. I left the house once with two different Berks on. One was flowered and the other one brown. I came home and left again soon, noticing that one of the sandals was warm and the other cold. I honestly couldn't believ I did that. Wonder what people thought, hah.

  8. I left house with two different gloves. Your story is funny. Love your Christmas jar so pretty.

  9. I laugh when I think of your earrings...you could be starting a new fad. Young people do it on purpose, we do it by accident.LOL xo, Susie

  10. I love your snow globes, they are so adorable especially the one with the tiny pink ornaments. I have seen these all over blog land, I may have to make a few:) I left the house today with my slippers on only to notice when I got halfway to where I was going I had no shoes on. LOL We all have those moments. I had a teach once that wore mismatches shoes a lot, we always chalked it up to her drinking problem. No drinking problem with me though.

  11. Those snow globes are adorable! Once, I was in line at the grocery store taking pity on a man that was three sheets to the wind (it was early in the day) I looked down and noticed not only was my sweatshirt inside out, but backward too! At least the man with the drinking problem got himself dressed correctly. (I had a huge slice of humble pie on that one!)

  12. Your snow globes are so cute, and I didn't know you made things like this, Patty! I love your earring story. I have left the house with only one earring one before (just call me Pirate Leslie!) and all night Saturday at my Christmas dinner I had my turtleneck sweater on backwards!! I thought my neck felt ichy in front. :P
    Christmas Blessings,

  13. Have I ever done anything like that? Well, I once wore two completely different shoes to my work Christmas party. Not similar shoes in slightly differnt colors. I'm talking one was open toed and the other was closed toed, and a different color, texture and style. I didn't know til I went to the restroom, sat down and happened to glance at my feet. I came out laughing so hard that I had to tell everyone. They weren't surprised but my sweet co-workers were very loving about it. I never felt judged. Chalk it up to me sticking my feet in the closet to slip on my shoes and not really looking at where my feet were going! Just goes to show, your friends love you no matter what you wear:>)

  14. Patty ~ the other day when I was helping my daughter move, something was bothering me at the back of my neck ~ well, lo and behold my turtleneck sweater was on inside out ~ ohhhh, how embarrasing in front of the boyfriend's mother ~ my daughter on the other hand smiled and said "It's o.k. mom, I know you were in a hurry to help me" and gave me a hug ~ what a great thing she did for her mom ;-)

  15. LOL- Well, first off-those snow globes are darling. Like Vintage Gal above I went out with my sweater on inside out a few weeks ago. My hubby is a pastor and a few years ago on Sunday morning he got up on the altar and had one BROWN shoe on and one BLACK shoe on. Not so bad? Ummm....one was a loafer and one was a wingtip. I laughed myself sick- xo Diana

  16. Well I've gone with only one earring before but not two different. Maybe they thought it was supposed to be like that.

  17. Your snow globes are precious! Don't feel bad about the earrings - we all do things like that ( some of us more than others) .


  18. Oh... I love knowing that I'm not the only one who has done that. Over the years I have managed to wear unmatching earrings (a time or two), my shirt wrong side out, two different colors of shoes, and the worse was when I marched around the supermarket with one of those "sanitary paper seats" affixed to the back of my slacks.....Yikes! (Right now you must be saying..."She's Gone"!)
    I'm so glad you were at Bible Study...I can't help but think that some one was thinking..."There but for the grace of God..go I."
    Blessings and a few chuckles,

  19. Oh yes, done that! Also walked through a busy hospital car park with my skirt on inside out and done the same with a top when I was at a Cathedral function with quite a few clergy giving me funny looks. I try to blame it on stress, age, and the fact that I am a bit scatty! You have made me smile. xx

  20. Thanks for the smile - notice I didn't say laugh. hehehe I've never done earrings, but I sure have with black and navy flats! God bless your friends.

  21. Dear Patty, Back in the late 80s I had an office job close enough that I went home for lunch every day; when I got in my house, I took off my high heels and put slippers on, to 'save' my stockings ... one afternoon, I'm driving back to work and there is someone behind me beeping and beeping - I finally look - there's my dad - and - he's waving my high heel out the window?! I looked down and I was still wearing my fuzzy slippers!!! He followed me to work and we made the transfer in the parking lot ... the slippers wouldn't have looked so hot with a business suit ;)

  22. Dear Patty
    I am back again
    I was so busy these months
    Ella xxx

  23. Thanks for the chuckle this morning.
    We went to a baptism over the weekend and as we get out of the car at the church, the first thing my daughter says is "mama you have a huge hole in your tights!" Sure enough there it was at the back of my knee in plain sight for everyone to see. Dress not long enough and boots not high enough to cover. And where were we sitting, right up front.
    I Love the little christmas tree jars. I will make it to your lovely shop one day soon.
    Enjoy your Wednesday Patty.
    God Bless, Sue

  24. Patty,

    I would hate to admit how many times I have done this. Your story makes me smile.

    Thanks again for being such a sweet friend.


  25. Nicely done!


  26. Patty, I did something like that just a few weeks ago. The shirt had a alot of print and was gauze and it wasn't really noticeable. The tag stitched in the side seam snitched on me at 4:45 pm in the afternoon. I had 15 minutes of normal dressing that day. :) Love you and love the vintage decor. Love Elsa

  27. I once mixed up two pairs of black slip on "flats" with a one inch heel and no heel. I went into a chiropractor fr one of the three visits ever, and he sold me a lift insole because my legs were uneven...!!!!


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