apples and thankfulness


I spent the morning making apple cake with my beautiful mom...memories of Thanksgiving's past flooding the forefront of my mind.

As we get ready to celebrate this day of giving thanks, (one more of the many firsts since my dad's passing in March), I am overcome with a renewed sense of loss and sadness. 

Searching out a new normal for the holidays is uncharted territory for my family.  Territory that we would just as soon not travel.

Even in the loss and sadness, what I'm finding is that the joy of the season is not found solely in being physically surrounded by the people we love but in the remembering of the daily moments that those people have blessed us with.

Thanksgiving is not just one day...but a celebration of everyday.

Whether there are twenty people at your table or just two, whether you find yourself surrounded by loved ones or find your table set for one, my prayer is that your mind be filled with sweet memories and your heart be filled with thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving,



  1. What a sweet post Patty! Have a very blessed and enjoyable Thanksgiving with the ones you love!

  2. Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family, Patty. xo

  3. Dear Patti, My heart goes out to you as you miss your dad and mom this Thanksgiving. Mine have been gone for so many years but I do miss being with family. Thankfully, hubby and I will be with one daughter and her family(five grands). Sending Thanksgiving Blessings to you and yours.
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. Have a nice blessed Thanksgiving with your family Patty.

  5. what a lovely cake! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  6. I'm sorry you're without your parents this year, Patty. They must have been a blessing to many! I pray you'll be able to have a wonderful time with your family this Thanksgiving!! Your apple cake looks divine! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you,

  7. I meant to say your dad, not parents. (sorry!!)

  8. Have a wonderful day, my friend. Loved ones and loss just goes together, unfortunately.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Patty. Holidays are tough when our loved ones are gone. I am trying to recreate my moms dressing and I probably will fail but I am trying.

  10. happy thanksgiving!! hope it will be a lovely time spent with family. big hugs. ( :

  11. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Patty. Thankful for His love and peace that is with us everyday!

  12. Looks wonderful...Happy Thanksgiving...

  13. Patty you are so good to mention there are Thanksgiving tables set for one, for twenty and lots of other numbers of folks gathering. I understand you are missing a VIP this year, your dad and yet you are building new memories and baking a delicious sounding apple cake.

  14. Patty ~ my heart is aching for you. Thanksgiving is more than one day and evokes past memories. May you cherish your past memories and make new ones this Thanksgiving.

  15. Such a sweet post. I am sorry about your father, but glad to see you and your mother are enjoying the comfort of each others' company.

    :) Hope

  16. Oh Patty, I am thinking of you. It is so hard getting through all of those first. So bittersweet. The cake looks divine! I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow with your family!
    Hey, I just read your comment regarding you being in town the day before my boutique. I will be running around like crazy that day, but feel free to call me and see if I am home.
    Miss you,

  17. Patty. It is so hard getting through the Holidays when those we love weigh so heavily on our minds. I know that this will be a bittersweet season for you. Try to look back and remember all the smiles. Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving- xo Diana

  18. Happy thanksgiving Patty, am praying you are blessed with your family today
    Karen x

  19. I would say that the 'firsts' are the most difficult...but I am finding the seconds are just as sad and heartbreaking. We have Thanksgiving every year at my BIL and he always has a candle burning on a table with the photos of our family members who are no longer with helps to see their faces as the family gathers together. Many Thanksgiving hugs!!! BTW...where is the recipe for the apple cake?????

  20. I know how you feel, having lost both. But their loving memories fill the empty seats.
    May you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  21. Yum!!! I'm sure the mother/daughter element infused more sweetness into the cake!

    I scampered over via My Sew Sweet Studio.

    Smiles from Idaho,


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