rainy weekend ahead


We've had a 30 degree shift in our weather here out west.  Last weekend we were in the mid 90's and this weekend will be rainy and in the 60's. 

I have so much to do inside, that I will gladly welcome the change. 

I put together a quick list of fun things to do inside over the next few days. 

1.  Clean up my craft room so that I want to play in there.
2.  Make soup or stew.
3.  Bake something new.
4.  Play board games.
5.  Finish up the first season of Downton Abbey so that I am ready for the repeat of season two.
6.  Rent a romantic comedy and convince my hubby it will be fun to watch it together.
7.  Paint goody boxes for my artful afternoon party next month.
8.  Start on my mom's quilt for Christmas.
9.  Pick up my knitting needles.
10. Sit and listen to the rain.

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.  What about you?  Any plans?

xo, Patty


  1. Patty, Your little pillow says it all...count your blessings.:):) Every thing you listed sounds fun or important. Smiles, Susie

  2. Just the usual plans. Your list sounds like a fun one. I hope it rains here too. We're due for cooler weather in a few days.

  3. It sounds like a heavenly weekend! No weekend plans here, I work every Saturday, no exceptions, but some day.....

  4. Going to celebrate my FIL 82nd birthday. His first without my MIL. Also all the basics, laundry and cleaning house, etc. Yours sounds like much more fun!

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! I am LOVING his change in weather. Hunkered down in the house, cleaning like crazy! Noah is off today and Monday. We are leaving for the cabin in the morning. Hope to have snow!!
    xo Kris

  6. Sounds perfect to me. I love rainy weather. I hope you can fit all of that in one weekend!

  7. Sounds like a perfect plan. Make sure to get out and breathe in that fresh air. We are warming UP to the 60's. It will feel like spring!


  8. Sounds good to me. Hope you get all that done and have a cozy comfy week-end.

  9. Your weekend sounds wonderful and relaxing. Not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow during the day, but we're going to a friend's house for dinner.

  10. Patty,
    Your weekend sounds very busy...even with the rain, dear friend!
    Ours is busy, too..."70th" Birthday Celebration, taking dinner to a friend with a broken foot, Worship and spending time with son, daughter~in~law and "Mr. Ed"! Enjoy!

  11. Sounds like a fun time you have lined up. I want to get my craft area cleaned up AND watch Season One of Downton Abbey AGAIN, too. xo Diana

  12. I love this colder weather...I sewed all day today! Have a great weekend!

  13. I am making cards for my Etsy shop, just made my first sale this weekend!

    Tomorrow is the penultimate game of soccer for the season! It is going to be chilly and perhaps even a bit wet.

    :) Hope

  14. Patty,
    You are ambitious. Will you have time to get a quilt one by Christmas? Would love to see it:) I have two Spring baby quilts to get done, guess I better get making them soon to be done in time. I have just started crocheting again, but would love to learn to knit. Forgot to say, Im loving the orange Fall touches you are using:) Very cheery!!

  15. It's raining here today. Temps went from the 80s to the low 40s....brrr!! I'll be working on a couple of craft items and will be doing some more cleaning/destashing/organizing in my sewing room.

  16. Hi Patty,

    What a warm and inviting scene your gorgeous little nook evokes! Love your check armchair and pretty stool and pillows. The perfect place to catch up on some R and R!

    Have a great week.

    Poppy :)

  17. Your cozy reading chair was put to good use this weekend, I hope. I haven't accomplished very much, but have some chicken soup simmering in the slow cooker (a new recipe) and made a point of watching, on television, the Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa this morning.


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