Christmas Stroll


Last Friday night the town that I live in held it's annual Christmas Stroll in the Village.  The street is closed up and the mom and pop businesses that usually close at sundown are open offering their wares and free hot chocolate, popcorn and sweet treats for all to enjoy.

My sister in law and I took our grandsons to see Santa and to get to enjoy the festivities through the eyes of a couple of four year olds.  They truly did share the wonder of the season with us.  In fact, it was quite contagious.

The street was closed off except to people walking and a couple of horse drawn carriages taking you from the top of the avenue to the bottom. 

Those were the pictures I shared yesterday...our little guys thought they were the center of the parade and waved at all the on lookers the whole way.  Oh, to feel that special again!  This was the sleigh we rode in during the "parade".

Santa arrived on an antique fire truck after the lighting of the town Christmas tree. 

I wasn't feeling quite up to par but I am so glad I didn't miss out on these memories.  My little cowboy is already looking forward to next year...and so am I.

xo, Patty

btw...some of you may be wondering if my grandson ever takes off his red (well worn...well loved) cowboy hat.  The answer is yes...when he takes his bath and goes to bed!  His mom frowns when he asks to wear it in public but gramma always says, "Yes, and your cowboy boots are fine, too."  I know how quick this age will pass.

*all pictures via instagram


  1. Cute grandson with his cowboy hat, and the event sounds like great fun, especially the carriage ride and supporting local stores.

  2. I never go to this but really should. Everyone always raves about it.

  3. What sweet memories you are making with your Grandson. Enjoy!
    Have a great time celebrating Thanksgiving with your family Patty. xo

  4. Oh so sweet. What a nice event to attend. Conner was with us at our Veteran's Day parade. He was mighty happy to receive a cowboy hat from the Asphalt Cowboys (civic group) that was shot full of holes during the parade. Those cowboys were having a great time passing out hats, stickers and candy to the kids. I am fully aware that Conner is at the age where he will remember what we've done together. I want to make good memories for my grand kids like I have with my grandparents.

  5. That sounds like a very nice tradition in your town. It sounds like the little guys had a memorable evening with there grandmothers.

  6. oh my gosh that is so sweet, adorable!

  7. That is so cute, Patty. I am glad that you let him wear his boots and hat as long as he wants to ...he will outgrow it soon enough. I always let the girls wear their princess dresses and "high" heeled shoes out and about- They got smiles and grins wherever we went...and now they don't do it anymore. I sure hope you are feeling better fast - xo Diana

  8. My Grandson had some cowboy boots. I loved the "look" when he would wear them. Now my younger Grandson has them. He even had them on with shorts this summer. It's so fun to see things through a child's eye. Youth. I could use some right now.

  9. What fun! Glad you didn't miss out. He is so so cute and of course grandma lets wear and do what he wants!

  10. So cute in his cowbow hat! It looks like you had a fun time making some great memories.

  11. You need the sign....God can you please tell Mom that cowboys don't need baths!!!
    Too cute...and how much fun, you are really getting going fast into the season...blessings as you continue to see God's faithfulness to you and yours

  12. What a wonderful tradition, sounds so lovely
    Your grandson should wear his hat forever, too cute :)
    Lol Karen x


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