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 How to Make Handmade Gift Bags

I wish I could bottle up this weather and send it to the east coast today.  We are expecting highs in the mid 80's for the next couple of days.  Perfect weather for sitting outside and pondering the season ahead.

It was my turn to host "coffee and" for a few girlfriends last night so my house got a good cleaning yesterday which means my Saturday is free and easy.  Don't you love that?

handmade gift bags

I made up these little gift bags using white lunch sacks and coffee filters.  This is one of those times that the packaging is definitely more swoon worthy than the little gift inside and so easy to put together.

Last week I soaked a package of dollar store coffee filters in leftover coffee and laid them out on cookie sheets to dry.  (I am impatient so I sped mine up in the oven at 225, but keep your eye on them they burn quickly...don't ask me how I know that).

Once they were dry I stacked four of them together and fan folded them, back and forth.

To get the size I wanted I cut the fan in half and used a thin gauge wire to secure each half at the center.  (Making two flowers.)

I cut each side at a slight angle to give the affect of a peony and then I inked the edges with brown chalk ink to distress them a little further.

I then carefully pulled them apart layer by layer.

Easy peasy.  It brought back memories of my sixth grade luau.  I think we must have made 100 of these in bright colors and hung them from the trees. 

For the bags I just used a stamp and gold ink.  I repurposed some black ribbon, tied a bow and that was it.  So pretty and super simple!

My grand daughter is on her way from San Diego for the day as her parents head to a local amusement park for some grown up fun.  I think we'll head to our little downtown village for some window shopping and lunch.  Sounds like a perfect afternoon.

How's the weather were you are?

xo, Patty

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  1. Oh my, the gift bags with the flowers are just adorable. I think lunch and window shopping sounds just perfect. It is quite chilly here in Ontario and it's cloudy ~ Oh well, good weather to make hearty soups and stews and fresh bread ;-)

  2. These gift bags are adorable and I love the technique that you used. So sweet and pretty.


  3. These gift bags are really sweet and a nice touch for your guests. I had 12 ladies here last Friday night so my house got a real good cleaning too. ;) Our weather was beautiful today with a lot of sunshine and temperatures around 13 C which is nice for here in November. Not looking so nice the next few days though with rain and colder air coming in. It'll soon be winter! Blessings, Pamela

  4. So pretty, Patty! Maybe easy to create but it says, 'You are special' in a sweet way.

  5. What a smart idea. I love the idea.

    How nice and pretty.

    Chilly in my neck of the woods. We had snow yesterday and some to-day not lasting though.

    Up North.


    So your Granddaughter coming to visit you . How lovely.

  6. Pretty cool here. You're making good use of that craft room!

  7. Love those bags! Right now it is 79 degrees here in the Memphis, TN area -- some clouds rolling in from the north and west, supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow only get up to about 60. We just got back from a Harvest Festival potluck given by the CSA (community supported agriculture) "farm" that we belong to -- about an hour east in a little country town. A very pleasant Saturday.

  8. What a sweet gift for your friends! It's beautiful here - in the 60's. Nice weather to be out running around. Not hot and not cold. My kind of temperature.


  9. I love your bags!!!! Okay-I get the sweet flowers but did you buy the bags with writing already on them or did you mean you stamped the bags (with writing). It is a super idea and one I would use. The weather here is in the high 30's and supposed to get to mid 40's tomorrow. This time of year-that kind of temps are a blessing- xo Diana

  10. Patty,
    Your little "gift bags" are adorable!
    The weather was definitely "porch worthy" today On Crooked Creek!!!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  11. Absolutely love your gift bags and bows! You say it's easy, but to me, it actually sounds pretty labor intensive. I'm not very crafty, lol.

  12. SOunds like you are having a wonderful weekend. I miss sitting on the porch when the weather gets cold.

  13. Beautiful...window opening, sunshine here. Those are just too cute, I need to do that, how much fun and what neat packages. Enjoy your granddaughter

  14. How pretty,I hope you have a nice coffee morning and enjoy your time with your Granddaughter.

    The weather here is so very strange, it fluctuates from below 20c to like today 38c. We are lucky though not to experience what your East Coast has had to endure though. xx

  15. I really miss our 80 degree days. It is lower than normal around here since that Frankenstorm. Ugh. xo

  16. The bags and little flowers are so creative and pretty! it's nice that you took the time to make them.

    40's here, cool and crisp. I don't think we are going to warm up again...this is the end of Indian summer in the upper Midwest!


  17. Those bags are adorable! The weather has been nice. I am hoping that it won't get too hot tomorrow. I am ready for rain and cold days!!
    xo Kris

  18. The gift bags are so pretty! Weather here? Cold, rainy in the 40's all week. Sigh, it's ok. I'm in full on indoor nesting mode for the fall and winter. Baking, planning events, baking some more:>) Have a good day and enjoy your sunshine!

  19. I loved my goodies. So cute. You always have such a good eye. Thanks for having us and did you know that is what my mom and her neighbors called their coffee time when they would get together and chat? I love it and I love our time together. Thanks again. Have a great day with your grand girl.

  20. Hello, Patty

    It's just 1 C right now,(one degree above freezing), so it's a chilly morning. I'll have to pull out the winter parka.

    Your bags are beautiful and look very elegant. Your friends must have been delighted with them.


  21. I wish you could too..it's 10-15 degrees cooler than normal..supposed to warm up next week

  22. Super cute, and simple gift bags.
    I'm certain that your friends loved them!!

    Hope you have a great time with your granddaughter :)

  23. Wow - these were so much work but I bet you enjoyed every minute of it . . .

  24. Lovely bags and I love the photo of the birdies on the wire. So sweet Patty. Can't wait to hear about your vacation.


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