a quick trip to the nursery


We took a quick trip to the local nursery on Sunday to pick out a few flowers for the garden.  I came home with a box full of my favorite springtime blooms...Ranunculus. 

 Since Southern California doesn't get cold enough for most traditional bulbs, these Ranunculas are the closest thing to classic spring blooms that we get. 

They were on sale so I picked up eight four inch pots and a six pack of lobelia which gobbled up my $20.00 flower budget. 

I had already snuck in a couple of itty bitty tomato plants, a cucumber plant and another strawberry plant from my weekly grocery budget.  I will re-pot the vegetables and keep them in the sun room until the weather warms up a bit.

 As soon as this little rain storm passes by I will be out in the back garden clearing away the winter debris and overgrown vine mess that has all but choked out my rear perennial bed.  After that, I will add some compost and plant these beauties in the ground.

I'm hoping to have pictures of the area to share with you soon. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

xo, Patty


  1. A very productive quick trip too! - How nice that you can be out in the garden at this time of year, if I were to work in the garden it would be to make 'mud pies' Ha! xo

  2. I so agree with Sherri B, Mud Pies! I have Spring Fever really bad and I would love to be out in the garden. Especially if the sun was out. Enjoy your planting!

  3. I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt. We've had such a mild winter that a lot of my flowers haven't died back. Your flowers are lovely.

  4. i love those flowers. wanted them in my bridal bonquet but they were not in season in november .. so it would have been really expensive. so pretty. spring, where are you? wish you would hurry up & come to virginia soon. ha. ha!! (:

  5. I am so ready to plant flowers!!!

  6. Lucky you! We are supposed to have icy conditions pass thru tonight. No spring flower planting here....yet!

  7. This post has given me a severe case of Spring Fever! It will be a few more months until I can visit the nursery for plants. I will have to make do and have fun with the planning right now:)

  8. You are so lucky! We won't be playing in the garden for at least another month...maybe longer! Happy planting!

  9. Lobelia and rannuculas two of my favorites. Make sure a pretty garden surrounded by allysum. Enjoy. Blessing to you

  10. I love ranunculas but don't dare put any plants out until much later than this. They aren't fans of snow...

  11. They remind me of Peionies a bit...flowers are a far off thing here yet! :)

  12. Such fresh and beautiful flower and plant pictures, Patty! I love to see the green growing leaves of the ranunculus, with the buds all ready to open.
    Enjoy your week and your garden.
    Helen x

  13. You are such a lucky girl!
    To live in a place that you can garden all year long.
    We have quite a bit of snow on the ground here, and no sign of Spring ....yet.
    Thanks for sharing your gardening pic and plans with us snow-bound folks.

  14. So pretty, BUT just not fair, I can't even think about flowers and color for another two months. how ever I will be happy for you. I know when I do go to get my flowers its hard to come home with less then a trunk full. So many pretty ones to pick from.
    Nancy Jo

  15. Patty,
    Ranunculas are such a lovely flower. I've never seen or smelled a real one. I do have the faux kind in my home. A lightly white hued with a touch of lemon yellow and a fushia pink with a touch of soft pink. I'd enjoy seeing more of these lovely flowers as they bloom in your garden!

  16. Happy gardening! One of my favorite sayings is, "In spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt!"
    Your blog really helps get me in the mood for spring!

  17. I love the thick full blooms of Ranunculus. Yours will be beautiful. I got out last weekend and did a little pruning and cleaning up. I will only have pots this year as we moved back from our corner to make room for the horses. I'm looking forward to getting some color planted. We had rain yesterday and clouds today. I look forward to seeing the progress of your garden.

  18. I'm counting the days until I can get back out in the garden. Today? We're getting snow!


  19. I can't wait to dig in my garden! We have a while to go here in the midwest.



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