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I feel like I'm always thanking you guys for the nice comments, understanding shoulder and words of encouragement but here I am thanking you once again.  Yesterday was the first day I really enjoyed my retirement.  My hubby had the day off so we ran some errands and just really enjoyed being together. 

He has been my rock these last two weeks and I really want to do something special for him.  He loves him some chocolate chip cookies so I'd like to make him the best chocolate chip cookies ever.  He is not a fancy man and I usually go with the basic toll house recipe but would love to step it up a notch...that's where you come in.

I need your input.  What is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe you've ever made?  I might even have a special something for the winning one.

Dreading the taste tests...wink, wink,  Patty


  1. Oh my goodness my daughter Lauren makes the best choc chip cookies I've ever had, will get the recipe from her & post it for you, I promise they are divine, rich, buttery with way too much choc but hey live a little eh!!!!!
    Lots of love Karen x

  2. I like to mix some Heath Bar Bits into my batch.... About 1/2 cup. It gives the cookie a bit of chewyness & a buttery flavor!
    Have a Peaceful Day!

  3. Or you might want to add white choc
    chips. I love this combined with the real chocolate!
    What a sweet collection of bowls-so cheery!

  4. Patty, good luck with the winning chipper recipe for hubs! I missed your previous post and just read it. I didn't know your daughter and grandson moved out and I can so identify with you! When Noah moved out I was so sad. But it is different for me because I have him m thru f and they live so close as well. I am so sorry for your heartache!
    PS. I spy with my little eye...... A Bloomie on your dress form!!

  5. The best chocolate chip cookie I ever tasted had some oatmeal thrown in. I believe it was a Mr. Food recipe, which I cannot find. Maybe it is on the 'net? They were awesome. I am sure he will love your choco chips whichever recipe you use. xo

  6. I've had people fighting over these at parties - the cookies has hershey syrup, milk choc chips and semi-sweet choc chunks plus malt (like you would use in milkshakes).

  7. i'm a great taste tester. can't wait to see what you come up with ... maybe a new recipe. how exciting. chocolate chips cookies are the best. great comfort food. (:

  8. I predict you are going to love retirement, now that you are finding your stride. These cookie tips sound delish.

  9. I haven't moved past the Toll House recipe so there's no help from here. Have fun with this. We're having a bit of rain this morning and homemade cookies sound tempting.

  10. Ah, retirement. Such a lovely word, but elusive for me right now. I'm SOOO ready, but I can see at LEAST six more years. ~sigh~. Enjoy yours!!!

    Lori Lynn

  11. I like white macadamia nut cookies or white chocolate and walnuts. I like cookies with lots of stuff in them.

  12. You're such a good wife! Can't wait to see which recipe you decide on. Nice pictures!

  13. I can't claim credit for the recipe, but I've emailed one to you that was passed on to me years ago. Have fun!

  14. I love C.C cookies!

    Don't your bowls look so pretty all piled up like that?
    I love the colours!xxx

  15. Hi - try the Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookies on my blog - I often add chopped pecans or macadamia nuts to this recipe for an extra crunch. Hope you find a recipe you like - I personally eat anything chocolate! ;)

  16. You know when I retired from the courts when after Quinn was born I felt sort of out of sorts for the first few weeks. I think that is totally normal. We'll talk tomorrow.

  17. I always used the Toll House recipe that my Mom gave me. But mine always tasted different then the ones she baked. I said one day "I follow the recipe you gave me exactly but they don't taste like your". She chuckled and said she always adds a tablespoon of bacon fat to the batch. Who was have thought! Now mine taste as yummy as my mothers used too.

  18. I am of no help with a recipe. I am the type of baker that measures nothing and just throws it together. So a repeat would be impossible. I do love the photos you posted, all the colors are so bright and cheery:)

  19. You know...they may not be the purest of chocolate chip cookies butmy husband loves chocolte chip and these have now become hi favorite...they are Paula Deene's Monster cookies...they have peanut butter and oatmeal in them and lots of chocolate...chips and M & M', chewy and wonderful! Have a great day!!

  20. Patty,
    Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe using Blue Bonnet stick margarine instead of butter. They're lighter in texture and not as rich!!!
    When "Mr. Ed" was active duty, our family made 100's of cookies @ Christmas and took to the soldiers in the barracks that couldn't get home for Christmas. Imagine my joy when 5 years later, antoher duty assignment half way around the world, when a soldier introduced me to his bride as "The Cookie Lady"!!!

  21. I especially fond of Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies! :)

  22. Laura Bush's Cowboy cookies are terrific! Google it for the recipe...

  23. Hi's the recipe as promised
    50g caster sugar
    200g plain flour
    200g butter
    150g chopped up galaxy choc
    cream butter & sug, then rub in flour & choc chips. form into a ball.
    pull off smaller pieces & roll into a ball, place on baking tray & flatten with your hand.
    bake at 180'c for 10-12 mins.
    Can pile in more choc if you like
    Lol Karen x


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