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I must confess I have developed a little thing for The Pioneer Woman's dishes at Walmart.  I have been happily collecting them one visit at a time and with each new dish line I declare a new favorite.  And so it is with these adorable scalloped ramekins.  (I only have three that I purchased individually but they have a set of six online for a much better deal.)

It's no secret I love color in my décor and they add just the perfect touch of it to these open shelves I installed a few years ago.

When I first put the shelves up I was a bit intimidated by their very openness.  I knew I wanted to use them to add color but I was mindful that I didn't want them to appear cluttered. 

I didn't want to put things on them just to fill them up which can be so tempting, so I stared at them empty for a few weeks deciding exactly what I wanted to display.  It took me a while to tweak them into a fun place to show off my latest finds and all time favorites.

And now I love them.  For me they are the perfect way to incorporate the trend of open shelves without committing to keeping my cupboards completely organized and dust free. 

In the gloom of winter the cheery colors remind me of spring and they are perfect to add a bit of seasonal décor to my home as well. 

I love the look of entire kitchens with open shelves but for me this has been a great alternative.  The best part is that in an hour of dusting and wiping and a run of the dishwasher they are clean as a whistle and ready to be styled again.

Have you embraced the open cupboard trend or do you prefer to keep the world out of your kitchen business?

xo, Patty

I'm joining Jen for refresh your room today.


  1. I have never "embraced" the open cupboard trend. I love it in other people's houses, but it scares me!! I need to branch out and give it a try! It looks GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. I love the look but must admit I don't have the time or energy to keep everything in my cabinets looking neat and orderly on open shelves. Your idea of just a couple is a great alternative! Not sure I could keep even a couple neat and pretty all the time though. Maybe when I retire!

  3. I love the dishes too Patty. I pick up a piece here and there, like you. My Walmart is always pretty picked over of her line it seems. I have always loved your open shelving. I intend to do this when we give the kitchen a face lift. I have been collecting my dishes to use. You always have it styled just right!!
    xo Kris

  4. I love it! I wouldn't do a whole kitchen that way but a section of the kitchen in open shelves would be heaven to me. We have a few glass front cabinets and that's as close as it will get for me though.

  5. I've had the cabinet doors off. I've put them back on for regular plates and food. Like you, I want to display pretties, not have everyone see that I like lentil soup! Your arrangement looks beautiful!

  6. I do love open shelves and have two that I haven't quite got perfected as you have. I just got them up for Christmas and had fun with that, but now I have all my cobalt blue glassware, but am not happy with it. I love the way you have styled yours and you gave me some ideas. I also have a few pieces of PW dishes and love her since of color. Back to work on those shelves for me. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I really like the way you have styled your shelves - love the colors and not at all cluttered looking! I love open shelving, but unfortunately do not have any in my kitchen - yet. I have big plans for re-doing my kitchen, but it's going to have to wait a bit longer due to financial reasons.

  8. I love your open shelves!! and really love all the color!! I want to do a couple in my dining room, but still haven't been brave enough, but your post has inspired me.

  9. I love open shelves and pretty plates and glasses.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. I had open shelves in my last kitchen and loved them. I had all pretty pastel dishes ,bowls and cups that I used daily so they didn't get dusty. I moved in my husbands house which is mostly brown which I am slowly working to improve. I do miss my pretty kitchen.

  11. For years we had open cabinets - no doors! But, we eventually got the doors on and intentionally left two semi open. David built screen doors for two of my cabinets and they are just the right amount of see-through. I love your style Patty!

  12. I love the look, and I suppose I wouldn't mind the cleaning and making sure they look pretty. My biggest deal breaker with getting rid of upper cabinets in favor of shelving is that I fear they wouldn't provide as much storage as my cabinets. I have a lot of stuff in those closed cabinets and I need every inch. Your shelves look beautiful though, and I truly love the colorful way you have styled them. It makes me wish I had room for shelves just for display!

  13. Patty,
    I agree, those new pieces from Pioneer Woman add cheeriness throughout the Winter days!!!
    My cupboards from the 1970's are all closed!
    However, several years ago, I had "Mr. Ed" take the doors off the cupboard above the range
    and replace the board with wire inserts!!! I L O V E it!!!
    Great place to showcase my 1950's Restaurant Collections!!!


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