Five last minute kids Valentines


I was doing a little research on pinterest ("little" on pinterest being a relative term) for my grandson's Valentines Day treats for his class this year.  I thought with a weekend stretching ahead of us we could manage to make something inexpensive and cute and actually have it finished before the night of 13th.

There are countless ideas but I narrowed it down to these five to share with him after school.

Since you just might have a child or grandchild who would love a little treat, I thought I'd share the adorableness with you.

I'll let you know what he decides and what we come up with next week and of course, I found a few things to make your best girlfriends or daughters, as well.  I'll be back to share those soon, too.

xo, Patty

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  1. Aww, what a good Nana you are! Those are all so cute!

  2. So very sweet ! I had several of these pinned myself for my daughter's class at school ! Have a great weekend ~ Angela


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