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I finally finished the entry way "closet" project and even though it took me two weeks instead of two days I really like how it turned out.  If you read my initial post here you know that our small older home does not have a dedicated space to hang guest coats, purses, keys or cell phones.  My task was to come up with a creative solution on virtually no budget or additonal space to add a true closet. Easy, right?

As far as function, I knew it had to be close to the front door, I wanted there to be a coat rack with
hooks and a bench to anchor the space with a basket to catch the small things in.  As far as aesthetics, I wanted it to look like it was a part of the open living/dining space, which meant it needed to be colorful.

I decided to use the landing space at the base of our stairs and to create a space not only to function as a coat closet but also as a spot for gathering those things that need to go upstairs (because nobody every takes anything up unless they're going up for something else and even then they can conveniently walk right by them, but that's a whole other post for another time).

The first coat rack I found at Walmart was cute but once I hung it I knew the scale was just too small for the space.  Before I ran out to purchase a larger one, I decided to try making my own using scrap lumber that my husband has stacked in the garage.

(first attempt - too small coat rack and unpainted bench)

As luck would have it I found all the plywood already cut in just the right sizes (I know, that never happens) so all it took was a little glue, a few nails, a couple of coats of paint and the hooks from the original coat rack that I disassembled.

If you look closely you can see the wooden base of the first coat rack used as the "home" portion of my heart and home photo gallery wall.  Like any good hunter or DIYer no part of the animal goes wasted.

Once I was happy with the coat rack, I started gathering frames from around the house and had a marathon spray painting session, which also include giving the bench I "borrowed" from the upstairs bathroom a colorful orange coat of paint.

The space is only 3' x 3', so it's not a lot of room but by using a narrow bench and making use of vertical wall space, I was able to accomplish my goal.  The end result is a colorful and useful spot in what was otherwise just dead space.

The lesson here is age old...where there's a will, there's away.  Don't let the limitations of your space hold you back from creating a home that functions both in your head and in your heart.  What is it that you wish you could add to your home?  Now how can you creatively feel that need?

So happy to have this one finished.  Next on the list?  Creating a command station for gathering paperwork, calendars and everything else that we use daily in keeping us on track.  I'll be posting a few inspiration photos soon.

xo, Patty

A list of sources...
Chevron pillow super clearance at Target - 2 for $5.95
Spray paint Rust-Oleum American Accents x2 from Walmart -
Real Orange
Sun Yellow
Apple Red
Ampersand - Michaels

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  1. You did a great job of making that space not only useful, but also very attractive. I too, like using what I have and repurposing when I can. Is that a license plate with the #5. I would have never thought of that.

  2. Adorable and so colorful. That would make me happy the minute I walked in.

  3. Your wall looks great! I love the colorful frames and the &. We did wall hooks like this in my laundry room. They are so helpful.

  4. Fantastic job, Patty! I love how you made room to hang purses and coats in such a small space. The little bench is perfect, too in case someone needs to sit down to put shoes on or take them off.

  5. Just perfect for your space! and love the colorful oranges. I have a little space just like this behind my front door which is begging for a fix-up. We've tried hanging a coat rack twice but no studs there and it keeps falling, even with those anchor bolts. So will try something else.. maybe command hooks and some sort of shelf above it. I love the idea of a bench with a lower shelf to put some baskets on. We have a big armoir right in front of the door as you walk in (along a wall) and I may just put two command hooks on it for hanging of hats, purses, etc. Can always take them off! Love all the pictures too.. I'm also working on a photo wall.. am thinking of getting old wood and putting a white wash on it, and hang it on my wall and mount the pictures on that.. just for something different and "shabby". Love to see what you do with your home and spaces!

  6. NAILED it! No pun intended! Perfection! Love it!!!!
    xo Kris

  7. It looks great Patty, I love the happy colors :)


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