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Yes, it's Monday but it's a holiday so that makes it a little easier to take, doesn't it?  We had a really nice weekend even though our heatwave shows no sign of waning.  I've decided to try and make the best of it and just pretend it's a mild summer day instead of a record breaking hot one in February.

We fired up the BBQ on Saturday and enjoyed a beautiful evening on the patio with a glass of wine
while we waited for the burgers to cook and spent yesterday at our favorite local nursery chasing the grandboys around the gorgeous property and plotting and planning our next garden purchases.

Lemons (if you can call 80 degree temps in winter lemons) out of lemonade for sure.

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of a couple of magazines I was reading and a few of you asked me what Mingle magazine was all about so I thought I'd share a few gorgeous photos and do a little unsolicited review as it's always one of my favorites.

Mingle's subtitle is "creative ideas for unique gatherings" and it's put out by Stampington & Company. This is the same company that offers Artful Blogger, Where Women Create and so many other beautiful publications and it has the same high quality content and breathtaking photography.

It is a bit pricey but I treat any of their magazines as books and have a stack of them saved for inspiration and creative motivation to be browsed again and again, so the investment is totally worth it whenever I want to spurge on myself just a bit.

The articles are written by the people hosting the gatherings and they are very generous with all the details and particulars.

Not to mention the eye candy the photos provide.

I am already planning out what type of event I want to host for my girlfriends in April.  Something vintage inspired, outdoors under the patio lights, with wine and place cards and a hostess gift for sure. The only thing I haven't decided on is what kind of get together it will many ideas, so little time.

I can remember a time when I would anxiously await the arrival of two or three magazine subscriptions in the mail every month.  Unfortunately those days are gone due to cost and the ease of pinterest but I still look forward to fixing a cup of tea, propping my feet in my favorite chair and flipping the pages of a good magazine whenever I can.  What about you?

Mingle is one of my favorites and if you like to entertain a few friends or host larger gatherings, I think it will be a favorite of your's, too.

xo, Patty

All photos courtesy of Mingle Magazine Jan/Feb/Mar 2016.  This was a free, unsolicited magazine review.


  1. I had not seen that magazine until you posted it and I spotted it at Michael's. It is beautiful and full of inspiration.

  2. I love that magazine. Suh great ideas and beautiful photos.

  3. Great review, Patty they should hire you. I've been on the lookout for it since you posted about it the first time. I'll keep looking. Stacy mentioned Michaels sip I'll try there b

  4. I love the magazines put out by Stampington & Company. I have not looked at Mingle. I have purchased Where Women Cook, Where Women Cook, Somerset Life. They are all lovely magazines.

  5. Thanks Patty, for showing us some of the magazines' features. I have never heard of that magazine before. Looks like an interesting one. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. I've only looked at Mingle a couple of times at B&N. I don't buy it because I rarely entertain. I still subscribe to a few magazines...BH&G, Real Simple, Mother Earth Living, Reader's Digest, Clean Eating, Country Living. I love to relax about 1/2 hour before bed with one of my magazines.

  7. I love Mingle, Artful Blogging, Where Women Create, Where Women Cook and Bella! Stampington has such amazing publications. Since they are expensive, I alternate which ones I buy every month or so, so I can get a taste of all of them.


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