the magic age of Halloween...


My grandkids, at four and five, have hit that magic age for Halloween.  They are finally old enough to glow with the excitement of wearing their costumes, going to parties and oh yes, all that candy and they have a few years to go before the thought of smashing a pumpkin even enters their sweet little heads.

Today promises to be a busy one starting out with the kindergarten parade, followed by the school carnival, candy and pictures at grandma's and then on to a good friends for Nacho Night and trick or treating.  I wish I could bottle up the excitement in those little ones and save if for a gloomy day.

I hope you and yours have a spooktacular day no matter how you celebrate.  Happy Halloween!

xo, Patty


  1. Isn't it fun to see the kids excitement!!! We will be going over to see the girls, and then back here to see Noah. So fun!!!
    xo Kris

  2. Over the years I have seen the little kids in my street get older and they still respect the rules of the road by only knocking on the doors of those who have lit pumpkins outside. My two don't go out now though but enjoy meeting and greeting at the door. This year, while I am at work, they are decorating the outside of the house, so I am in for a treat (or maybe a trick!) when I get home. Have a great evening! xx

  3. Our grandkids are excited for Halloween also. Conner's costume is a box of French Fries this year. Katelyn is a pumpkin. I don't know what the other three are going to be yet.

  4. I have my treats for the children ready to go. It's fun to see the kids in the neighbourhood dress up.


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