Fashion at 50 Monday


Can you believe it's Monday already?  I had a pretty productive weekend, what about you?  Of course, that doesn't mean I stuck to my to do list. 

I did manage to do a little cleaning and purging in the living room but the wiping down of walls has been pushed to this week.  I got sidetracked in my craft studio (not doing crafty things unfortunately) but cleaning, purging and organizing.  When I took over the closet in the guest room I unhoused a mess of crafting goodies and some less than attractive plastic stacking drawers.

I think I came up with a creative and pretty way to incorporate them in to my studio but it is still a work in process.  One that I will share just as soon as it's done.

Our weather this weekend was picture perfect for early fall in Southern California  It was just cool enough to need a light sweater for church on Sunday.  I decided to put together something using one of my favorite color combos, yellow and blue.  I found a few options on my pinterest boards for inspiration. 

The only thing I splurged on was the pretty yellow and white scarf...less than $5.00 at Walmart.  I love it and I love how it completed the outfit.

Monday's are my house cleaning days and I have to get back to my work in the living room, so that pretty much takes care of today.  I will be making a quick trip to the thrift store some time this week to look for small oil paintings but not until I have a load to donate first.

I hope you have some fun things planned for the week.  Want to share?

xo, Patty

jeans - Kohls
blouse - thrifted
sweater  thrifted
scarf - Walmart
shoes - Nordstom Rack
Jewelry - Kohls

I'm joining the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday...


  1. Good morning Patty. I love your outfit! I also love blue and yellow together. So nautical! I have a scarf just like that too! You look so pretty!!!!!
    xo Kris

  2. Love the yellow and blue...~! My grandson wants to be a minion for Halloween.. I'm looking for a yellow stocking cap.. soon as I find that the rest well be easy to put together.
    Monday is a cleaning/organizing day for me...put things back from the week=end...Went last night to see Stephen Curtis Chapman concert.. IT was so awesome~! Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  3. You look beautiful! Love your outfit, and love where you gathered the items to create it! xo

  4. You're looking very pretty in yellow and blue, Patty. You're making me think about how I need to sort through my clothes and jewelry for new combinations.

  5. Blue and yellow are so classic.

    Yesterday afternoon I took an art class and decided to dress better than my yoga pants and a t-shirt. I stood on the corner waiting for my friend to pick me up and laughed when a neighbor turned down our lane and commented on how dressed up I was. I had on jeans, a white tee, an orange sweater, an orange necklace and orange flip flops. But, I did feel a bit dressed up after a summer of shorts and tees.

    And now I am off to work in my daughter's garden after a walk on the beach. I guess I should clean, but I know the dirt will wait for me.

  6. I love blue and yellow together. Cute outfit! Today is my cleaning day also so I'm trying to catch up on blogs so I can start. See where my priorities are? LOL


  7. I love how you use these boards for inspiration. I have just inherited a load of new-to-me clothing and I am just starting to think of ways to mix them up.


  9. Very pretty. You got a great deal on the scarf, I hate paying a lot for accessories so I may have to stop in at Walmart and see what's available in my area :>)

  10. You look fabulous, Patty!!! WOW and I love the scarf! xo Diana

  11. I love any outfit that "dresses up" jeans. Cute.

  12. I love any outfit that "dresses up" jeans. Cute.

  13. Hi Patty - I love your outfit. Cool, casual and colourful. You look really put together. Great inspiration. J


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