I may have a problem...


I spent the better part of the last few days cleaning out, sorting through and deciding what to purge in my craft studio.  The amount of fabric, paper, buttons and doo-dads is staggering.  How on earth did any one person ever think she was going to use all of that stuff in one lifetime?

Is there a support group out there for hoarders of all things crafty?  A place where I can stand up and say, "Hi my name is Patty and I am a craft supplyaholic..."?

My intent was to organize and give away, but even in my abundance my mind is telling me I just might need that fabric scrap one day.  What if I decide to embroider something wonderful and I only have three kinds of green floss and the directions call for four?  What if I go to reach for a red button and there aren't any?  What if I really do learn how to make crystal beads from decomposed egg cartons and I don't have any egg cartons in my stash? (Okay, I might have just made that last one up but you get my point, right?)

Why is it so hard for me to give any of this stuff away and why do I secretly dream of buying more?  Truth be told having all this is kind of stressing me out.  I want to have a room that inspires me, not one that gives me the heebee jeebies.  I am sure there is some deep philosophical reason I have all this stuff, some sort of need that I'm trying to fill, some kind of abandonment issue.  Don't tell me it's just cause I thought it was pretty...that would make me feel a bit greedy.

All kidding aside, half of what I have has to go.  Does anyone know of an organization out there that could use fabric and paper supplies?  Or if you'd like me to send some your way in a flat rate shipping box, then email me at lemonlanecottage@yahoo.com and we can arrange something.  I am going back in my room today and I am not coming out until I make a serious dent in there.

If I'm not out by tomorrow, you may need to send someone in after me.

xo, Patty


  1. I love the jars.
    Maybe a school or senior citizen's place could use some art supplies.


  2. Good morning Patty. I think Senior Centers and school teachers would be thrilled to receive craft supplies. I love the way the string looks inside the sugar jars.

  3. Oh how funny. After typing my comment out one fingered on my Kindle, I find that Angie and I had the same thoughts. Take care and have a wonderful morning.

  4. I'm like you, when my sewing/craft room gets overloaded with "stuff," it makes me anxious and creativity flies out the window. Good luck getting rid of some of your things!


  5. I was leaving you a comment and poof- it went into cyberspace. Anyway-what I said is that you might want to check to see if there is a Senior Citizens Center in your area. They are thrilled to get stuff-including any material. Most of the people that go there live on very tight budgets and don't have money for the extras. I donated a bunch of fabric, along with craft stuff, and the ladies made lap quilts. Good luck- I need to do this again, too. If you find the 12 step program for craftaholics let me know, will ya?: xo Diana

  6. Hah, I hear you Patty! Of course part of the problem is you never know what you are going to need when you dream up a new piece of art, so you feel like you need to have a wide selection of gew gaws and gim cracks to choose from. At least that's my reason for having too much. Also, my frugal side cringes at throwing away a good thingy that could become something awesome. I will admit though, that lately when I run across something in my regretably large art stash that has been hanging around for too long (yes, years), I realize that if I haven't been inspired to use it by now, it may not be a good fit for the stash and I, gulp, throw it away. Yes I do, and then sometimes I find I really needed that thing and I kick myself a little and move on. It's the potential of all those pretties that make them hard to get rid of, but sometimes our brains and our homes can use the empty space better :)

    1. Oh my gosh, Kathleen, I could have written this! My thoughts excatly. Good luck Patty. :)

  7. I just did the same thing and used all of it to set Emma's own craft studio up for her. It made me feel better and she was thrilled. BTW when I was cleaning I found the so very sweet letter you sent me with that box of goodies you sent my way last time you cleaned up! ;)

  8. Good morning Patty. We just had a flooded basement and about 1/2 of my stash got ruined so I will be hanging on to whatever I have left. Not the best way to weed out the clutter. Take care.

  9. I know what you mean! I have so many things for the dollhouses that I will not be able to use in a lifetime.I really do need to go through it all again. Some times I wonder why I do the dollhouses as they go into the basement (fixed up, not damp, etc) and I never seem to look at them again. Hard to sell as with the landscaping it would be hard to ship them also heavy. I think I need a new hobby! But I keep putting off selling or giving away anything in case I need it. I get attached to the weirdest things. lol

  10. I was in the same exact fix that you're in. I closed a small business that I had and had material and all of the extras that I would never live long enough to use.. I just went in the room and started filling boxes, bags, and whatever else I could find. I gave all of my "stuff" to our local hospital thrift shop.. The women there said they always have people looking for craft supplies and then the money goes to the hospital..

    I said the same things to myself about what could I make and would I make our of this or that material. I did save patterns of dolls that I made for craft shows.. If I decide to make a doll for myself, I'll go to Jo Ann's and get the needed material. I can't see me sewing anything in the near future..

    Blessings and good luck with your "excavation process" of your craft items.. I know it's a hard thing to do. You'll feel refreshed after you're finished.. Trust me !

    Charlotte in Virginia

  11. I think you should be proud of your obsession! :) So you want to collect shiny pretty things? Magpies do it! Basically in my book that means its perfectly natural and you are at one with your fellow birds! I too have this obsession, its the worry of getting rid of it then needing it thats the worst, your idea to give it away though is a wonderful thought. Also, if you make a dent you then have a dent which you can refil with more shiny things...........just saying!! :) Good luck on your quest for craft supply freedom!

    Jerra xx

  12. I'm no help, I would be all about just reorganizing and keeping everything! Ya never know!!

  13. Hey there, I thought I would answer your question here. It's actually cooler than normal right now. Seems like summer just up and quit on us which is unusual. It usually drags on and on. This cool fall weather has been perfect. It's actually cold in the house today. I think we'll probably start a fire in the wood stove tonight to warm up a bit. I've kept busy painting a front room wall and didn't feel the cold earlier. But now, sitting here at the computer my fingers have turned icy cold. Time to go make another cup of hot tea and start making dinner. Take care.

  14. I work with several foster children who could always use supplies. Or the organization I work with
    Would gladly take supplies for the children to work with for their life books they create while in care.
    My email is pine-ridge@triwest.net if you still have any to get rid of. Thanks.

  15. I am in the same boat. Donating to your grandsons school maybe?
    xo Kris

  16. I 'll be confessing right after you, that I too am a fabric, crafter lunatic. I will have to live to be 200 to use all this "stuffs"

  17. Ahhh, bless your heart! I cleaned out a lot too recently because I wanted to sew more! I have 3 daughters and gave it all to them. If that wasn't the case I was going to donate them also. Now my room is getting filed with sewing items! It never ends! LOL! Miss you!


  18. PS...Patty you look so darling in all your Monday posts! xox

  19. I live in an apartment and absolutely have to keep my collecting under control. I sorted through my craft supplies and donated some to a garage sale for a non-profit. Crafters love bargains, too!

  20. I live in PA where there are several organizations that sell that stuff and donate the proceeds, make items to be sent to those in need, or just send the stuff to a mission that can use it.


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