finally fall...


I've been a little slow getting in the fall groove.  I actually unpacked my fall tote today and watched as my five year old grandson got busy putting everything where he remembered it being last year.

There is something extra special about a little one who thrills in the memory of holidays gone by. (Even though his frame of reference is relatively brief, lol). 

Now I just have to figure out how to move things around without his hawk eyes and elephant memory noticing that all those pumpkins he lovingly placed in the oddest places have been tweaked just a bit.

Happy Wednesday.  I hope it's beginning to look a bit like fall where you are, too.

xo, Patty


  1. Love this! They do love to help, don't they?
    xo Kris

  2. How precious! It is a special feeling to know that those little things like decorating for a season or holiday can make such an impression on someone so little:>) I don't know if I would move a thing, he's only little for a little while.

  3. So sweet. Five-year old decorating!

  4. That is so sweet to have your little grandson help with the decorations. I miss our little ones so much! Your colours are so bright and cheerful. I love the pansies in your previous post too. A happy day to you!

  5. I love young grandson stories. The pumpkins look like Easter eggs hiding in the greenery. Precious memories for you both.

  6. Well you know my house. I have no control over it as someone else uh-hem controls the decor.

  7. Lovely pictures so clear. I am your latest follower. Do visit me in the orchard. I will call in to see you again soon.


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