to brighten your day


As a reward to myself for finishing a few things on my mile long to do list, I headed out to the
nursery to pick up a few pansies for the front yard.

There is something about these cheerful colors and smiling flower faces that just brightens any day.

In the hustle and bustle of life I had forgotten the simple pleasure these sweet little annuals can be.

I hope you have a little something cheerful to brighten your day!

xo, Patty

I'm joining Brenda at Cozy Little House for Tweak it Tuesday.


  1. aren't pansies the greatest. i love their little faces blowing in the breeze. ( :

  2. Oh that would be my choice also. Beautiful flowers. One of my fav. I think they have faces of smiles. They also are thrifying flowers and last here into the month of Sept from Middle of June.. .

    Well I am going out of town today. Have a great day!

  3. Love Pansies, they are so colorful and easy to care for. They really brighten up the yard.

  4. I love pansies too. I keep waiting for you or Elaine to do a post on your trip!!!
    xo Kris

  5. Even on a grey day, I'm lucky enough to still have a bit of sunshine in the garden. Your pansies are beautiful!


  6. Pansies always make me smile! They are such a pick-me-up!


  7. I love Pansies! Your photos are so beautiful!


  8. I have 30 pots of pansies waiting to be planted but it has rained for two days... Love looking at yours in the beautiful sunshine. There is nothing prettier than a pansy!

    from Virginia


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