autumn afternoon


It's hard to believe we are already into the first weekend of October.  The heat here this afternoon still has it feeling like a balmy August day.

I know the cool weather will be here before too long but day after day of this heat has me a little impatient with the arrival of fall.

I've finished the last of my fall decorations and of course, have an apple cider candle burning on the stove, so as long as I don't venture outside I can almost convince myself that this is a lazy autumn afternoon in October.

How about you?
Are you having any luck feeling fall where you are?


  1. Not at all! It's about 50 degrees outside and I think the garden has breathed it's last from the frost we got last night. I haven't been out to look yet. It sure feels like fall here in Michigan!

  2. It's getting downright chilly today - I actually had to put on a cardigan sweater - yippee. Your time will be here soon as it was hot here a few days ago too. I love, love, love your mantle! Well done!

  3. We might have had a little frost this morning, but now suppose to be in the mid 70's for the week ahead. I have the same little pumpkin to the right of you pretty clock :)

  4. Your Fall decorating is lovely. I am a bit behind in everything these days because of some fostered kittens. I will get caught up soon. It is cool and windy here. Very seasonal. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4 Ontario, Canada

  5. Our ac is finally off and hopefully it will stay that way. The trees are slowly letting their leaves go, but the grass is still very green. I long for cooler days and knowing they are right around the corner makes me so happy.
    Your fall decor is adorable! I always like to see what you are up to. :o) I have a couple of the same Beth Moore books as you. :o) What a neat lady!!
    I am having a little give a way and would love to have you drop by. :o)
    Have a nice week.
    Sincerely, Trish

  6. Lovey mantel, the candle burning sounds delicious. I'm from Michigan and it has already frosted here. Beautiful photos:)

  7. doesn't your mantel look beautiful? i'm in northern illinois and we've had a rainy, damp descent into fall. there's a little hope, though. it's supposed to be in the seventies all week.


  8. I live in the tropics so we never feel like fall. However, looking at your wonderful post has put me in an autumn frame of mind. Thanks for the inspiration!


  9. Not really. But this is Texas. I absolutely adore your new blog banner! How cute!

  10. It has been cool here, in the 60's. Apple cider candles...mmmmmm! Your fall decor is soooo pretty!

  11. Everything here indicates fall!
    We had frost the last two mornings and the leaves have turned.
    Also had a fire in the stove for days. Yes, it's here on the lake!

  12. Your fall decorations are so beautiful, I love the mantelpiece and the leafy garland..all of it looks lovely. We are finally feeling like autumn here in my bit of the UK after the hottest, strangest weather for a week or two. Today it is rainy, cool and grey with all the trees in their autumn colours...much more fall like!
    Have a great week. Helen x

  13. Your mantel looks so lovely. Here in WV we are having an unusal cold spell.

  14. Hi Patty, your decorations are lovely. Just the right amount and I really love the clean design you have mastered. So pretty!

    Thanks for the kind comment you left for me. You made my day.

    It is cooler here in Florida, finally. Oh....I do love it.

    Barb ♥

  15. It is supposed to rain this week. Are you as excited as me? I love your fall touches, the new header and photo. You look so cute. Just all together beautiful!! Have a wonderful week. Mine are too busy. I miss the free time of summer.

  16. Amazing photos.
    I only wish it felt like a "balmy August day" here instead of a rainy, windy, 56 degrees.


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