sugar cookies


All you foodies, cover your ears and close your eyes…

Last night my grandson and I pulled out a pre-measured pouch of sugar cookies to make our annual Halloween cookies.  Search as I might, I just couldn't find the pumpkin cookie cutter so we had to settle for acorns and maple leaves.  I tried a new sugar cookie icing recipe from here.  I had to thin it just a bit and it is sweet (what's a little powdered sugar between friends) but over all I would definitely use it again.

As much as I love baking from scratch, the little hands that added love and sprinkles made these just as yummy as can be.

And you guessed it…
they are perfect with my morning coffee.

Hope you have a day filled with love and sprinkles, too.


  1. Cute cookies! It's always fun to do something like that with the little grandchildren!

  2. As much as I love to cook and bake, when I do it with my grands, it is all about easy!!! I have two pouches of ready made mix all set to go!! I have sprinkles too! They look scrumptious! And I want a cookie now in the worst way!!!!

  3. Patty
    There is nothing more fun than baking with the grandkids! They did a super job with the sprinkles.
    I'm on my way down to Michigan to see my little trick or treaters-I think I'll have to make some Halloween sugar cookies for them.
    Thanks for the idea!

  4. They look really good and ready to use is very easy and makes rolling and cutting with your grandson so much more fun! Enjoy your day!

  5. How much fun to make cookies with your grandchildren. They will always have those memories, and so will you. Don't forget to take photos of them making them to show them when they are older.

  6. Cookies & coffee for brekkie, sounds like my kinda meal YUM!!!
    Karen Xxxxx

  7. Oh I love those packets in a pinch. When brownie mix is marked down we stock up. It is our go to when we need to bring a quickie dessert to church or other things.Besides it is the fun and memories you made with him right?

  8. They look delicious....great photos

  9. I'm kind of a foodie and I would eat those! Having fun with your sweet grandson is so much more important than the recipe used:) It's about making memories of love and fun:) Now can you pass one of those cookies...?

  10. The little guy must have been so proud of what he made. A friend commented that her husband's grandchildren had made a distinction between grandparents. One grandmother gave them things whereas my friend and her husband spent time doing things with them. Out of the mouths of pre-teens!

  11. I think they look wonderful! Aren't sugar cookies delicious? I am glad you could have this special time with your grandson! And I truly get needing things to be easy when baking with small children! Sometimes easy is just perfect! :) And I can just imagine how lovely your cookies were with coffee for breakfast! {yum}

    I hope you are having a wonderful week!


  12. Don't tell, but I use the sugar cookie pouches a lot too. I figure it's all the dry stuff I just don't have time to measure out..and it gets me to the fun stuff with my boy much quicker! :) I can't wait till sweet pea is old enough to make cookies...she'll be 1 on November 20th...time sure does fly!
    Thanks for your comment on my pictures...I'm trying to learn how to take better pics with my new camera...just wish I had more time to sit down and play with it more. I do hope life slows down soon, the holidays are coming, so I doubt it! lol Oh well, just glad to be alive and well..can't ask for much more than that. :)
    Love YOU lady!

  13. it's our little secret. i won't tell. love making cookies. fun! (:

  14. Oh these look amazing! So colourful and so sprinkled.....children just love that part don't they?? I'm sure those cookies taste delicious too.
    Helen x

  15. Oh how yummy! I have been baking over here too!!! I really shouldn't...but I just can't help myself to all the sweets! lol Anyway, hope you've been well. Just wanted to drop in to say "hello!" :)

    Hugs from here,

  16. How adorable! Can I have that polka dotted cup when you are done with it? Soooo cute!


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