faith walk friday #7...coming soon


Have you ever spent time putting together a post...

put the final period on it...

went back to proof read it one last time...

and somehow...

some way...

hit the wrong button...

and poof, it was gone?

So it was with my faith walk friday post today.  I will reconstruct (and rethink) what it is that I am supposed to share today and be back just as soon as possible with the real faith walk friday #7 post.

Still faithfully His,


  1. (((hugs)) for you...And yes, been there and done that, far too many times....that's why I've giving you the hug

  2. Oh dear, I haven't done that YET but can only imagine how frustrating it would be.

  3. Pretty picture, love the pink and green combo, Laura Cottage and Broome

  4. i've lost a couple sentences but never the whole post. that really stinks. i'm so sorry to hear that. so frustrating. hope you can recall or remember some or most of what you wanted to say. have a good weekend. (:

  5. Oh yes! I did that just about a week or so ago. My heart just fell.

  6. I did that on the post about my mother this past week. The first one was so much better than the one that was posted, but I was too tired to get my thoughts straight for the second time. It happens!

  7. Oh, I HAVE done that and it's so frustrating. Loved the pink buttons in the lovely green cup photo. Nice job! Susan

  8. I did it last week, and I was in a rush and late for an appointment. Quite annoying! I still can't figure out what button I hit. Good luck on your re-do :)

  9. Oh yes, I've lost a couple. Sometimes I find them in draft and can go ahead and publish them-I just can't add or edit them then.
    Have a good weekend Patty!

  10. Oh no!!...well, sometimes I think things happen for a reason. I have never done that, but will now worry about it. I have lost a lot of comments though and somehow can never recreate them. I love your picture, though. Some of my favorite things.
    Your pictures from the golf course were beautiful. Now I would love a ride along there. My one and only was in Tuscon, Az in August at 115 degrees. Well, you get the picture.


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