fall interrupted


I rolled out of bed this morning and instantly knew it was time to reach into my bottom drawer and pull out my favorite, embarrassingly comfortable, large men's grey sweatshirt...

It's hard to believe that just last weekend I was complaining about our balmy weather.

I thought I'd interrupt all the beautiful fall goodness abounding and post a few last shots of my garden before I get to work cleaning it out and putting the perennials to bed till next year.

These delphiniums were a bit disappointing in the spring but they surprised me with this beautiful fall showing.  Don't you just love a late bloomer?

Most everything else is looking a bit tired and scraggly but the promise of next spring is already visible in the tightly closed buds of my camellias.

Such a lovely thought tucked away in every gardener's heart...

just wait until next year.


I love pretty things for Friday Pretties...


  1. I love that some of the salvia/sages wait until fall to start blooming. They're some of my favorites that seem to do well here. The deer don't bother with them too much. That's a blessing!

  2. Late bloomers are wonderful. :)

  3. Yes, I love late bloomers! Especially when they are as beautiful as yours. Lovely garden!

  4. Your delphiniums are so pretty, one thing I just do not seem to be able to grow??

  5. Your garden still looks great, Patty. I love delphiniums. There arn't a lot of blue flowers and that is a favorite.
    Love late bloomers too both in the garden and in our lives.
    It's been rainy and cold here. Love it...I had to pull our the old flannel nighty lastnight.

  6. Your garden flowers look better than mine did all summer long!!

  7. I woke to the delightful surprise that you are following my blog! Naturally, I wanted to check out your blog. Oh my goodness, it is lovely! Thanks for stopping by my small town!

  8. Your garden is still offering up some very lovely blooms! We have had some gorgeous autumn days but are currently having temps in the low 80's and not as much fun as the cooler days.


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