let em' bloom


This is why I am having so much trouble taking my garden from summer to fall...

These darn things just keep blooming!

What's a girl to do except let em' bloom.

It's back in the 90's again which is pretty typical Southern California weather for October. 

Now I'm debating our trip to the pumpkin patch, some how weather hot enough to heat hot chocolate without a flame does not scream fall fun!

Like I told the kiddos...we'll see.


  1. Your garden looks like mine...everything in full bloom! Southern California is like that!! We love it and hate it all at the same time...I love the mild weather...but wish it would cool down a bit though!

  2. Your flowes are beautiful. Be happy that you still have them. Here in Minnesota the frost have just about wiped out everything.

  3. My roses are looking like mid summer right now! FALL come back!!!

  4. Wow, you have so many beautiful and colourful flowers still in bloom! So lovely to be able to enjoy your delightful flower garden for so much longer than we do here, although I have a few tiny flowers here and there, it's mainly bright berries and leaves in autumn shades now. Enjoy your blooms!
    Helen x

  5. You do have lots of blooms right now. They look lovely.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Gorgeous! Nothing is prettier than fresh flowers around the house. Hope it gets cooler for you soon!

  7. Hello there! Thank you for your visit - I had to come over and do some reading and looking around. I love your cottage home there in SoCal!

    I know what you mean about the flowers. We're here in East Texas and after the hottest & dryest summer known to modern man, I thought we were wiped out. We had temps from 105 to 110 during July, August and September, and no rain since spring! The roses have rallied, the lantana as well, and even my perennial garden is looking even better. This is the first week we've had consistently in the 80's again. You ought to see our water bills!

    I was going to post some of our flowers today, too. Since they're coming back a bit I just hate to "put them to bed" for the winter - good choice of words!

    I bought two mums, but I think it was still a bit hot. One of them looks like it's going to bite the dust and the other I'm not sure about just yet...

    Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  8. Your garden looks so pretty! I had the same problem last weekend when I was cleaning up my flower pots and getting rid of dying flowers. Two pots were in full bloom, so beautiful I couldn't do it!!! And then my hubby came and did it for me! I'm glad because now it's all put away for next year. But still so sad! Glad you came for a visit so I can spend some time on your blog. It's very nice. Your photography is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'll be back!

  9. I know what you mean. I have geraniums still flowering and a few other odds and ends. The garden should be tidied up the garden as fall is settling in; perhaps this weekend!


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