partial living room reveal


Patience is not one of my virtues. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we were having new carpet installed in the living room. I’m not going to lie, it took me a little while to warm up to it once it was in.   It turned out a little darker than I remember that 12 inch square swatch being, but now that we’ve lived with it and my eyes have adjusted from white to brown, I really like it…a lot.

It feels so good under my bare feet, all squishy and soft, and it is so nice not to worry about stains on white carpet.    I know brown carpet is not "in style" right now but I think I've finally learned that when style doesn't mix with practicality (the way your family lives) it takes the haven out of the home.

True story...Did I ever tell you that Emily and Andrew got into my cooking oil and when my daughter discovered them quietly sitting in a pool of oil on the kitchen floor they took off running, you guessed it, directly onto my white carpet. Needless to say, when they came to haul out that old carpet there were still toddler size (yoil prints, as Andrew would say) oil footprints that never did come out.  As sick as I was over the carpet being ruined and my strong urge to freak out, it couldn't take precedence over those sweet little kids wanting to be at grandmas house.

My hubby and I spent the better part of the weekend arranging and rearranging furniture in the living room. I knew with the dark carpet and our brown leather sofa we were in need of some bright colors to lighten things up.  We are both committed not to buy anything new and between our two old noggins we managed some very clever fixes. I don't want to reveal it completely until it's finished but I love it so much I couldn't resist a little sneak peak…

I still have some drapery to hang, furniture to paint and art work to find so the total reveal is still a little down the road.  But so far...I'm loving it.  I'll go into the details later. 

I'm sure we all have horror stories about our possessions.  I'd love to hear yours...


  1. green silly putty in nearly new carpet, followed soon after by nail polish. They have been there so long I hardly see them anymore. lol
    Your carpet looks beautiful, and adding a fresh element to a room is always a pick me up!

  2. I like your brown carpet, it's very pretty. Sometimes we have to decide what looks best and works best in our homes and forget about the trends. You made a good choice.
    Love the fabric in the last photo.


  3. So far, I am loving it. I really like the vintage feel to the fabric. Can't wait for the total reveal:)

  4. i never follow trends. i go for what works best in each of my rooms. what will make me & hubby happy & will last for years. i like your brown carpet. if by chance you get mud or some other mishap goes on will be able to hide the spot. i believe you were very smart in your decision. (:

  5. I like the carpet, you can lighten back up when the kiddies get older. Oil, that must have been a mess! I had white slipovers made for my couches, it had been on for 2 hours and my daughter (then 17) came in to look at them with a cup of tea in her hand. Well she took a step back to admire them and tripped on the coffee table, the tea went flying in a high arch all over the new slip covers! Into the washer they went, it all came out!. She still marvels that I was calm and there was no yelling. Laura, Cottage and Broome

  6. Oh I can't wait to see it. I love the carpet and the color will be so forgiving. Your room gets so much light that it won't matter in there if you have dark carpet.

  7. Your brown carpeting is beautiful, it's a very rich color. I made a quilt with some of that fabric(love it), but still not quilted yet(sigh). My daughter once made a blueberry protein shake, tripped and mixed it with my oatmeal colored carpet. It was a breakfast disaster.

  8. I really like that new carpet color - I'm thinking that'll be great for not showing stains! And I'm all about that!

    My worst? When my 3 year old son (while I was on the phone) got my iron off the ironing board, laid it in the middle of the bedroom carpet, turned it on and left the room. It got quiet, and I knew something was up, but by the time I got there, there was a giant black hole in the carpet. I'm just glad the little toot didn't get burned! You know there's something "up" when it gets quiet!

    We had to do some creative furniture arranging to cover that spot!

    Can't wait to see what you do to your room!

  9. Oh agree with you on carpet...I have had to live with white carpet twice...which raising five kids...and it was horrible!

    Nothing will show on your chocolate...and I love the new material and accents...they are great and cheerful.

  10. Thankfully I've never had to live with white carpet! But I did have a guest once spill an entire glass of fruit punch on my tan carpet! I froze, not knowing what to do. But thankfully a good friend grabbed a towel and was able to get it up! And only I could tell where the spot was! Looking forward to seeing your completed room. The carpet looks nice from the little I could see! Enjoy your day!

  11. Wow, I'm loving it so far too. I can't wait to see it all.
    That fabric choice is so full of wonderful colors-you have a lot of freedom of colors to chose from.

  12. Oh, it is looking so cute so far, and I LOVE that sweet Count Your Blessings pillow! Those little flowers on it are adorable! I think your new carpet looks lovely, too, by the way! And that is such a funny story about the cooking oil! I know it wasn't funny when it happened, but it is a funny thing to imagine! :)

    How is your week going? I hope it is going well for you! :)



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