faith walk friday #6


I guess it's no secret that I love my little cottage so sharing my faith walk today will be a joy.

On living where I do - I always wanted to live on a little farm somewhere with chickens and horses maybe a cow and a pig thrown in for good measure.  I would grow my own vegetables and the hugest sunflowers you ever did see.  That hasn't happened yet, and I'm okay with that.  I firmly believe that God has us exactly where he wants us.

After trying on a few different houses (three moves in an eight year span) we finally found one that fits.  This little house on Lemon Lane suits our family to a tee and we knew it the first time we walked through it.  It has odd shaped ceilings, lots of nooks and crannies, a nice size kitchen that was newly remodeled when we moved in with beautiful barn red cabinetry, a dining room big enough to seat 10 comfortably, crown molding, a fireplace, diamond paned windows, a little front porch, a detached garage, a sun room, my very own craft room and a beautiful backyard with large park like trees and enough sun for a vegetable garden.  It sits on a tree lined street close to shopping and the downtown village that lights up at Christmas and even has a hometown Christmas parade.

That being said, I know with certainty that if for whatever reason this house was taken away, we would be okay because the truth is this old house is just wooden studs and pretty decorations.

A home is created with the heart and spirit of the people and relationships that inhabit it.  The "stuff" that I love about this house could be recreated in a two bedroom apartment or a small travel trailer. 

I love seeing beautiful homes on blogs and in magazines and it can be so easy to get caught up in making my home pretty at the expense of those living in it. 

My prayer is that the people who feel safe, secure and loved within these walls would feel the same under any roof and if that's not the case...I need to examine what this house really represents, where my priorities are and who I am serving.

God's ultimate desire is to have a relationship with us, it's why he gave us free will.  If relationship is so important to Him, shouldn't it be just as important to us?  I want my friends and family to want to come by, not just to see my latest project but to feel comfortable and wanted.  I want warm conversation and the smell of a fresh cup of coffee to leave more of an impression than the expensive cup I pour it into.

Faithfully His,


  1. Patty
    This was so well said. The most important thing, next to our relationship with God, is our relationship with people.
    Your home is so lovely and how nice you are located where people can drop by and feel welcomed. I do miss that, living here in the woods. But I guess I'll just have to do my best to touch lives by whatever other means the Lord opens up for me. Nothing is impossible with him!
    Have a great weekend-Kimberly

  2. That's wonderful! I can feel the love and warmth in your home, just by readying your blog!!

    Thank you for reading my post and being so encouraging in your comment! It's always good to hear from others who have been there, and experienced God's faithfulness. Thanks for sharing that with me!!

    Blessings to you!
    Leslie :D

  3. Patty, this is so lovely and I can so relate to it.

    We have lived in Bella Vista for 32 years and are now being faced with a transfer to South Carolina. You can imagine the mixed feelings we have. We love our holds our spirits but God may have a new plan for us. So we shall see and trust.

    The number one compliment you can give me about my home is the peace you feel when you are visiting. That means more to me than all the new pillows, candles and pretties in the world.

    Wonderful post!

    Barb ♥

  4. Oh Patty. I am sitting here with tears as I read your words, but feel your heart. You have said just what I feel and have been trying to express to our loved ones and friends that say "Don't you miss your house?" We have moved over 20 times and the last house was our dream home. When the economy forced us to give it up and move into our RV, I felt just what you said. I can make anything a home just with the love I put into it and as long as the Lord lives there and I can make my family and friends feel that love, I am fulfilled. Your faith walk #6 was so well expressed and I know I would feel the warmth and peace in your home, no matter where you lived. Bless you for this post.

  5. Oh this is such a great post with lovely pictures but an even lovelier sentiment. All your words are very true. The people in the house come first for sure.

  6. i agree with you. i'm a newlywed & i continue on a daily basics to make this home a good christian home that my hubby & i will live in for years. it is the little things we do to keep it alive. being together. sharing those special quiet moments. enjoy your special moments. you have a great weekend. (:

  7. What a beautiful soul you have, Patty. Your grace and beauty shine with these words. Thank you for sharing today.

  8. good post, Patty. I agree. As a family of two who grew up their kids in a large home and then moved to a tiny little farmhouse with a minumum of space and pretty "things", I'm here to tell you that we have just as much love and great times and memories when our family is all together as we did before! Maybe all this "togetherness" is even sweeter! So all the sadness that I felt leaving our bigger home full of memories where our kids grew up is GONE! I didn't know how I was gonna leave there, but I now know that love and memories go with you. Our home has always been centered around God and pleasing Him, and I know that no matter where we are (and I hope we stay here) God goes with us, too! Where He leads we will follow.

  9. In your last post, I wanted to come to tea, and sit in your sunny room. Now, I want to come sit in your gardens, and have a cup of coffee with you, and just chat!!! What a delightful post, once again. I so wholeheartedly agree!!!!!

  10. I am ready to come over right now! Oh my goodness, I love the coziness of your home. I had a dear friend that died a few years ago. She lived in a small two bedroom apartment. It wasn't fancy, her furniture was outdated, but it was the one place in the world that I felt safe and loved (outside of my own home). I miss her and I miss that place she created for me to come to each day.

  11. Beautiful post Patty! I too love my home, enjoy fluffing my nest and feel very blessed to have it; but for the benefit of the family, not at their expense. Our home has been built with God as the foundation and fluffed with reasonably priced pretties acquired over time. Earlier this week a friend came to visit who hasn't been to my home before. She kept commenting that my home was so warm, comfortable and she felt like she was HOME...what a wonderful compliment! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  12. What a beautiful and inspiring post.
    Not only do you have a beautiful home, but a beautiful heart as well.
    May God continue to bless you and yours there on Lemon Lane.

  13. Lovely post.So well written.Gorgeous home you have so pretty.

    Blessings for a lovely Sunday. im a new follower to your blog.I hope you come and visit mine and follow too.

  14. The snuggle up within a cozy Halloween quilt photo ~~~ absolutely wonderful!
    Those two are definitely feeling loved and at home.

  15. Hi Patty, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I hope to see you again. You have a lovely blog and this post was so well written and so very true. I always say that I like to decorate my home more with love than with money! Have a good week!


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